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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Murder On CCTV’ promo

‘Lucky Man’ promo

Shades Of Blue’ promo
More yelling.

Raw cacao mint slice - nice.
Pink gin & tonic - okay.
Italian salami - nice.
Yugoslavian merlot - okay.

Who saw ‘A Killing In A Small Town’ (1990) or ‘Blue Streak’ or ‘Supernova’ or ‘Cool World’ or ‘Troy’ (2004) or ‘Point Blank’ or ‘Stepmother’?

Who watched ‘Feds’ or ‘Loveline’?

I hope to review ‘The X Files’ season 11 and ‘American Horror Story: Cult’.

I lost my ‘Jericho’ fanfic and a fan video when PC died.

Recall Yop?

A ‘Daria’ reboot?

RIP Koko and All Ball.

I’d try white truffle honey and ice-cream macaroon sandwiches. I’d also try St Tola goat’s cheese, barbecued white asparagus, wild garlic and tobacco flavoured chocolate with bitters ice-cream, whiskey caramel and malt. And I'd try smoked onion Philadelphia.

Recall Hard Candy nail polish or Charlie lipgloss or Charlie perfume?

What is body yogurt?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Celebrate success and money: not by doing up their house in dough-coloured paint and orphanage-looking linens, but by commissioning six gold toilets and a gold car to match.”

“Countrywide hate campaign.”

“Nice clothes are ostentatious.”

“So sorry I’m rich,”

“No sorrys!”

“Given him recognition.”

“Never truly appreciate the dangers of your own time when you are living through them,”

“Shipping was suspended.”

“The collapse of three big empires.”

“Waging war on a noun!”

“Looking not very happy.”

“Spandau Ballet hair.”

“An infamous physical confrontation in the street.”

“I should throw you out of the window but you’re so fat you’d probably bounce back.”

“Avoiding intimacy can be a choice.”

“Liked living in a perpetual adolescence, never having to be responsible for other people.”

“Requiring your partner to convince you of your own basic acceptability.”

“Instructed to misbehave.”

“Will come as and when he wants it.”

“Western incomprehension of the political power of religious extremism.”

“A popular revolution leading to the establishment of a theocratic state seemed so unlikely.”

“Cultural problems.”

“The people doing good community work are being priced out of their homes.”

“Tin Man highlighters and celeb-created palettes.”

“Refuses to stand on stage with politicians believing that would discredit him within the community from which he came.”

“He is making art for people who don’t have it.”

“Fooling ourselves into believing there’s relevance in putting on old plays.”


‘Bottom’ Quotes:
“You’re so ghastly.”

“Unemployable wretch.”

“Dirty rugby songs.”

“Sod off you do-gooding bastards!”

“Wombles don’t exist.”

“Oh look, knackers.”

‘Total Bellas’ Quotes:
“Look at me in resentment.”

“No dairy, no meat, no peanut butter.”

“Be pleasant.”

‘Tutankhamen: The Truth Uncovered’ Quotes:
“Nobody here for the next 3000 years.”

“Not a natural death.”

“Poured into his skull.”

“One of the more accepted theories.”

“Empires have come, empires have gone and the sphinx has witnessed it all.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“My dad is ignorant.”

“Not even trying.”

“Ruin it all.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Sacramental preparation.”

“Complaints team.”

“Held his fellow countrymen in such contempt.”

“Smell so bad, even the dogs run away.”

“Crafted this whole image of herself that’s not actually her.”

“Doomed never to return to her privileged perch as a Manhattan society darling?”

“National selfishness.”

“Less visually obvious.”

‘The Room By The Lake’ Quotes:
“Don’t go east of Prospect Park.”

“Nothing good happens past a hundred and tenth."
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