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Movie Reviews: Witch Hunt + The Good Mistress + Hush + 2 others

Witch Hunt (1999)
A young Sullivan Stapleton is in this Australian alleged true story. There is a custody dispute and a missing girl. There are copious flashbacks, untreated post natal depression and an interfering mother in law. A man accuses his mother in law of being a child adducting witch. His ex-brother in law (an unrecognisable Stapleton) looms. This was silly but entertaining.

Best Lines:
“Sick witchcraft stuff.”

“You’re bloody hopeless.”

“People are going to notice because out here they do.”

“Stone circle behind her house.”

The Good Mistress (2014)
A woman on probation moves to a new town and gets a job working for her friend. This was soporific and nothingy and nobody is trying awfully hard to act. There is no dusty sense of menace. The woman meets a man who turns out to be her BFF’s husband. She is wholly consumed by her creepy lover. The characters barely qualify as characters.

This is bloody ghastly and characters are selfish oiks and I don’t care about the heroine’s pain, trauma and dislocation. There is no controlled anguish or melodramatic crunch. Unlawful acts are being committed. A dead girl was talked about. There is a twist and this descends into final act delirium.

Best Line:
“Stupid pretty ones.”

Hush (1998)
A man and his galpal visit his suffocating mother. The viciously conniving mother in law spins a web. The husband is a useless mama’s boy. He and his momma produce ruin. This movie is not of cultural importance. The galpal develops raging paranoia. This is not an era defining movie just camp and gloriously bereft of good taste.

Wind Chill (2007)

Severance (2006)
Danny Dyer dreck.
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