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Book Review: All Of This Is True

All Of This Is True by Lygia Day Penaflor
A self-serving author befriended some teenagers while going on about the originality and significance of her work. Her overture was not pious. Miri, Soleil and Penny are interrogated about how they met Fatima Ro, author of the cult novel ‘Undertow’, and became her friends. They recount the devastating results of that friendship. This was very good but it has an unfortunate Kate Spade reference.

The teens feel they have something interesting to say. But secrets that are grossly reprehensible are revealed and motives remain pleasingly ambiguous. This is a tale of a woman playing at relatability, societal issues, narcissism, fake supportiveness, savage intimacy, persuadable fangirls and how investing all your hopes and dreams in one person can be a contributory factor to disaster.

Best Lines:
“Taking up oxygen at our elite private school, which he had no right to attend.”

“Didn’t want or need attention.”
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