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Veronica Mars Season 1 Eps 15, 16&17 Reviewed

Ruskie Business

Veronica investigates why one of Lynn’s credit cards is being used, only to find out that it is being used by Logan’s vile sister Trina (Alyson Hannigan of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’). Trina takes great delight in mocking Logan’s stories of Aaron’s abuse. Meanwhile Meg (Alona Tal of ‘Supernatural’) and her lank hair is the subject of a mystery admirer. Also no-one seems to notice that Miss Dent has vanished from the show and a fake mail order bride nearly gets the Mars family to help her kill someone.

At the school 80’s dance to the warbling of Cyndi Lauper, Duncan hooks up with Meg, who is dressed in hideously unflattering outfit out of ‘Pretty in Pink’. Veronica flutters her eyelashes at Leo while Logan gets drunk and embarrasses himself.

There are some logic flaws in this episode. Like the ludicrously stereotyped villains and the fact that someone in the witness protection programme is looking for acting jobs. This was dull even the faux cliff-hanger ending didn’t enliven matters.

Best Lines:
“That guy would flirt with a trash can.”

“If you’re coming home, who’ll play dead hooker two on ‘CSI’ this week?”

“End up alone at the spring dance strapped into uncomfortable underwear.”

Betty and Veronica

Veronica reunites with her mother. Clarence was dramatically staring at them at the end of ep 15, now he’s just sauntered off. Veronica learns Clarence planted a bug in her bedroom. Anyway Veronica forgets about her mission to find out who sent Lilly to deadland, when the Neptune High mascot is stolen.

Veronica dons pastels to go undercover to Pan High as perky, popular Betty. Then someone steals Pan’s mascot. Somehow nobody challenges Veronica for running around Pan High, breaking into lockers and not attending class. Leo inexplicably helps Veronica. Lianne is reavled to be a drunk and a bit of a skank so Veronica uses her college money to send Lianne to rehab. This was okay.

Best Lines:
They travel in packs of the biggest, the shiniest and the prettiest.”

“Please tell me that’s not filled with Polish hookers.”

“Bad kidnapped goat.”

Kane and Abel's

Someone is harassing a fellow Neptune student but more importantly to Veronica, she has found Abel's daughter Amelia. Keith's PI rival, the much married and sleazy Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino of 'Reaper') debuts and he has a hideous gratuitous musical number. Logan learns about Veronica's snopping and tells her about how Duncan had a rage blackout. Clarence shows up to lurk ominously. Keith and Veronica finally have a sit down discussion about the Lilly Kane murder complete with discussion about Lilly's body temperature.

All in all, Veronica ends up ruining a fellow student's chance to go to Oxford and Amelia decides to take the Kane money and run. Clarence is smug and Veronica now suspects Duncan killed his sister. This was just awful. Veronica comes across as smug and a user.

Best Line: "What do you think Lilly would make of you investigating all the people who loved her?"
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