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Supergirl 3x22 + Joan Of Arc: God’s Warrior (2018) Reviewed

Make It Reign
The Argo City witches plot, no really. Kara wears a floaty dress and is useless. J’onn’s boring father bigs up Alex. FFS. Reign is meant to terraform Earth to make it a new Krypton. Mon-El and his hipster beard bores. Ruby is annoying. Winn bores and annoys. The ongoing ramifications of Kara’s selfishness go on. The witches wage a war of attrition. Nobody cares about Sam’s emotional ruin. Where is Superman?

TPTB remind us how magnificent Mon-El is with his all round wonderfulness. Winn is stupid. The cold and inflexible witches plan lethal escalation. There is no narrative shock. Kara is over-earnest. This has no sensation and spectacle. Nobody cares that Imra has been displaced as a love object. This was not joyous and significant. Kara is morally weak. This show has plummeted in quality. This ep is unwanted and unnecessary. Mon-El has no moral code.

There is no efficiency and empathy and it is barren of nuance. Mon-El is not stirringly heroic despite TPTB telling us he is. Winn and Kara’s mother don’t care that Mon-El is married and that he is horribly betraying his wife. Mon-El has no bad boy glamour. One views this ep with unwavering rejection. There is bad VFX and the witches should snap Alex’s neck like a toothpick.

Why is there so much intense focus on Mon-El? Where is J’onn when the DEO is attacked by witches after he implemented a no guns rule? I liked the ep of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ where they visited Palm Springs better than this. Winn gets someone killed and Kara screws up, again. Chad Lowe gets offed, maybe. James finally shows up for one scene. No, just no.

Best Lines:
“We have powers beyond reason here.”

“Punch me.”

“You said that you were righteous.”

Joan Of Arc: God’s Warrior (2018)
This BBC4 documentary about the saint is very good, showing her rise and terrible fall.
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