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Book Review: The Tall Man

The Tall Man by Phoebe Locke
This non-savagely compelling ‘horror’ tries for a flamboyantly weird tale of dark memories, feverish strangeness and the ruinous repercussions of believing in an urban legend. This is not a scare-inducing or terrifically scary tale of never-ceasing torment. It is a catastrophe that skips from 1990 to 2000 to 2016 to 2018 and back again. It is a tale of narrow-minded idocicy, destructive relationships and there is no coherence here. This is a dull and implausible morass of tedious clichés and daft melodrama.

This was gleefully gratuitous stupidity that is uniquely ghastly and inconsequential. This malodorous tale has no total dread but has lethal rage, unruly confrontation, blood-guilt and women who have vile thoughts and bristle with malice. This disposable flotsam is complete nonsense and is full of self-justification and is uniquely lacking in irony or ambiguity.

This is a tale of secrecy and deceit and self-orientated women has barely any regard to the demands of logic. One reads this was stony perplexity that it got out of the slush pile. This is a tale of psychiatric meltdown, particular cruelty, calamity, delusional women, doomed attraction, reputaional damage, silence and evasion, low-level constant anxiousness and has a pathological obsession with justifying the character’s actions. The plot description on the back of the book is profoundly misleading and this unasked for book does not perform as intended.

Best Lines:
“To be what they were looking for.”

“Takes away the bad people.”
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