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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Nun’ trailer
Another ‘Conjuring’ knockoff. In Romania there is darkness, mumbling, indoor mist and no electricity. There are ghosts however. Pray for forgiveness.

Best Line:
“A long history, not all good.”

‘The Outpost’ promo
Another fantasy CW show in which people and clothes look clean. The heroine has her eyebrows done and there is fighting. No, this does not look even semi-satisfying.

Best Line:
“Nobody comes to the outpost to find work.”

Sicario 2’ trailer
Where’s Emily Blunt?

‘Hotel Artemis’ trailer

Dark chocolate with peppermint filling - lovely.
Wheat & gluten free chocolate filled cupcake - okay.
Unsweetened sparkling spring water with a hint of cucumber & mint - nice.
Gluten free chocolate sponge pudding - nice.

A ‘Hawkeye’ movie?

I’ve never had Opera Cake.

Who saw ‘54’ (1998) or ‘Wilde’ (1997) or ‘Dance With A Stranger’ (1985) or ‘Last Days Of Disco’ or ‘Heat‘ or ‘Windtalkers‘ or ‘Death Wish V: The Face Of Death‘ or 'Big Fish'?

Had to get a new TV and the TV people are coming tomorrow to fix TV/internet.

Who read ‘Hanging Out With Cici’ or ‘Primary Colors’?

There’s vegan fois gras?

What is tartare of oysters or marine sprouts?

I’ll review ‘All Of This Is True’, ‘The Tall Man’ and ‘The Room By The Lake’.

I won’t read ‘Tradition’ or ‘Time Shards’.

‘The Sentinel’ fanfic ‘Bayou’ from 1998 is not an insightful contribution to fandom. However ’The Sentinel’ fanfic ‘Unsleeping’ that sees Blair encounter a Cthulhu cult on campus is very good.

‘Jezebel’ Quote:
“The choices we make are unfortunately the choices we make forever.”

‘DenOfGeek’ Quote:
“These statements were threatening to me.”

‘Jurassic World’ Quote:
“If their genetic code was pure, many of them would look quite different.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Couldn’t imagine how this would end well for him.”

“Do not have a stake in society.”

“Higher quality products.”

“Defiance of educational orthodoxy.”

“Under security escort.”

“It might mean talking to a working-class person rather than about them.”

“I scare people at ATMs,”

“Limiting hours of human activity.”

“Can expect more animosity.”

“They talk about us, but they never talk with us.”

“Parent poorly.”

“Who was arguing with whom and about what depends very much on whose version of events you believe.”

“Sintta-level determination.”

“Embarrassed to be sitting here in your presence having to dignify you with my opinion.”

“Plucked his personal style from a low-rent mafia flick.”

“Unable to connect to fan’s idolisation.”

“A song that sounds like the kind of thing that gets played as a first dance at a footballer’s wedding.”

“Authentication committee.”

“Wanted to maintain scarcity.”

“Wasted middle age.”

“A remark he made in 2009, that will follow him to the grave.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Constructs credibility in a way that is impossible for women to attain.”

“Livelihoods and reputations can be snatched away on the strength of a whisper.”

“Not everyone has that opinion of you in life!”

“Their only experience of love is what they’ve seen on screen.”

“Screaming his response to some slight.”

“Ape our manners, affectations and values.”


“Intensity and persistence is not love.”

“Emotional deliveries of stories of great import.”

The Goldbergs’ Quotes:
“Hated change.”

“Park his pants at the door.”

“Evil food box.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“Your sweater’s a pox on this family!”

“On like Babylon.”


“Talk to your wife, she made my friend eat out of the garbage.”

“No. Go. Yell. Tell.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“In the woods walking around in circles.”

“Put calmness in everyone’s mind.”


“Evil hearted.”

“Jesus sheets.”

“My home is my prison.”

“Started trouble.”

“There’s a snake hanging out of your car.”

“Dark cloud of false allegations and gossip.”

“Your own mother had you arrested.”

“Pattern of conflict.”

“People in her life have turned against her.”

‘Let’s Get Physical’ Quote:
“Pretty isn’t free.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“I’m not popular enough to be different.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quote:
“Regarded as the nation made flesh.”

“Make or break a reputation.”

“Silence is complicity.”

‘Poirot’ Quotes:
“Don’t madam me!”

“I wish to complain.”

“Not in the newspapers I read.”
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