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Book Reviews: Dead Asleep + Sword Of Destiny

Dead Asleep by Jamie Frveletti
This 2012 novel is part of a series and is a badly written ill-considered mess that slowly grinds towards a conclusion. Various idiots run around the incoherent plot that has no intellectual heft and is just lumps of leaden prose blocks. This is vociferously terrible. It makes no sense and shouldn’t exist.

This is full of absurd fear mongering, hostile relations, nurtured grievances, social damage and leaves you with the unpleasant feeling you made a misjudgement by reading this.

Best Lines:
“With the air of someone completely unconcerned that at that very moment his beach house was burning to the ground not five hundred yards away.”

“A man with a machete just tried to attack me.”

Sword Of Destiny
This is a badly translated, sexist collection of clichéd fantasy stories that with sad slow inevitability bores. There is little of dramatic interest here as this tome barely rises to prominence. This has no poignantly ruined magnificence.

Best Lines:
“The gravedigger and the doughty idiot set off as scouts. Afterwards, we built them a small but pleasing, burial mound.”

“Sorceresses stayed in their towers, read learned books and stirred cauldrons.”
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