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The Handmaid’s Tale 2x09 + Counterpart 1x10 Reviewed

Smart Power
Offred whines. A new Eye shows up in the Waterford household. Serena Joy is traumatised but still has her eyebrows done. Serena Joy wants Offred out of the house as soon as the baby is born. The Waterfords travel to Canada as a trade delegation. Luke and Moira see the Waterfords on the TV and Moira recognises him.

Moira calls The Commander a war criminal and demands his arrest. Thinking is apparently an unfamiliar activity for Luke. Offred is a nexus for catastrophe. Why is Nick on the trade delegation with the Waterfords? Serena Joy seems tempted by life outside Gilead. The Commander speaks French and has puritan serenity.

The Canadians are snide. Serena Joy has a sense of being ignored and abandoned. Serena Joy is given a picture book schedule. The Canadians universal sneering toward Serena Joy isn’t helpful. The Commander is a rigid dogmatist. Serena Joy is sneered at by defiantly triumphant diplomats. Why is Serena Joy treated worse and more vilely denounced than her husband? Janine rants and gets a smack from the new Eye. The Commander has Christian certainty but Gilead doesn’t seem very Christian.

The fear culture of Gilead grows. As far as The Commander is concerned he is living the life that god desires that men should live. More choices are taken away from Offred. Serena Joy is a pariah because she’s part of a system that turns women’s wombs into clown cars. A reporter bothers Serena Joy. Progress has been made in the fertility crisis.

The Commander is a fastidious aesthete without a trace of sentimentality. Where did Luke get the giant blow-up photo of his family? Nick has penitential guilt and so speaks to Luke. As for Luke, he is drunk and belligerent and ungracious. Nick gives Luke the letters. Luke isn’t emotionally resourceful. The Commander and his remorseless watchfulness feels justly proud of himself. Offred fears The Commander would hurt the baby.

The letters cause the Waterfords to be thrown out of Canada. Women sneer at Serena Joy. Poor Serena Joy is treated with contempt and yet The Commander isn’t. Isaac the new Eye sucks. The letters leak will come back on someone I’m sure. Serena Joy looks at her teal wardrobe in despair. Who makes all these role-related uniforms? Offfred learns Luke and Moira are in Canada. Poor Serena Joy and her emotional blows. This was good; I worry about Nick’s safety.

Best Lines:
“I still have circumstances.”

“He needs to be arrested.”

“Blames the fertility crisis on women.”

“Which American government is that?”

“Shut your mouth unwoman!”

“They don’t baptise babies here.”

“All be over someday.”

“Strong Gilead wife.”

No Man’s Land, Part Two
Richard Schiff is Clare’s dad. Peter Quayle is injured and Clare 2 is unhurt. The shooting is covered up. Clare 2 terrifies Peter Quayle into submission. He covers for her. People know what type the shooters were. Narrow-minded idiots are cold and inhospitable. There is focus and seriousness and malign types. There is awful uncertainty and unflinching commitment to unreality.

This was irredeemably bad. This does not dramatically raise the emotional stakes. There is non-specific dread. Peter Quayle is unmeritorious; he’s heading for a bad end. This was mediocrity. Howard 2 play acts the tough guy. The malign influence Clare 2 is wholly contemptuous of her husband and tries to render him manageable.

Emily 1 is still a turnip. Howard is less sympathetic than TPTB would like. Weird tech is used. Who are management? WTF? Are they aliens or something? There is constructive dialogue. There are hostile parties and perceived threats. Peter Quayle is to hunt down sleepers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. The assassin’s fabrications and lies unravel. Howard 2 does not emit the air of menace he thinks he does. Grievances are nurtured and the two worlds are encouraged to hate each other.

Has irreparable damage been done to relations? There are unanticipated outcomes, the shooter dies of his injuries and Dimension 1 seals their side of the crossing. The Howards are stranded. Is the shooter’s body still rotting in the crossing? Howard 1 and Pope chat. There is no glorious moment of tragedy. Pope seems to hint that there is more than 1 crossing. Howard 1 of all people takes Pope out. Is Pope actually dead?

There are guns, death and no conciliatory gestures. Ian Shaw won’t listen to Howard 1’s babbling. Clare 2 cleans up blood after killing someone. What’ll become of Howard 1? Ian Shaw dislikes people who aren’t us. Howard 1 is going to feel more dislocation. There are moral choices and lingering resentments. Peter Quayle heads home to dinner and doesn’t take his mole hunt work home with him. Howard 1 is in a hole and Howard 2 had Howard 1’s life. I am kind of curious about season 2.

Best Lines:
“All for this.”

“Shut down all questions.”

“Idiot bastard.”

“What’s still going to happen.”

“Your other’s never coming back.”

“His life belongs to you.”

“Vile woman.”

“Sad little man.”
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