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Book Reviews: Losing the Peace + The Traveller in Black

Star Trek The Next Generation: Losing the Peace by William Leisner

This volume takes place between the 'Star Trek Destiny' trilogy and 'A Singular Destiny', so as a result nothing much actually happens. 'Losing the Peace'' is a place holder title. Worf and Picard are featured on the cover despite the fact the book doesn't centre on them.

The threadbare plot focuses on how many once comfortable Federation citizens are now refugees. Beverly Crusher heads to one refugee camp to assess the situation. Not that she really gets to do much. Crusher has no agency of her own, her life revolves around being Picard's wife and obsessing over her unborn son. Picard meanwhile is his usual self: gives pompous speeches, is self righteous, patronises Crusher, disobeys orders, kidnaps officials, saves the day, refuses a promotion and gets away with everything yet again. I'm tired of Picard.

I'm tired of how the author gives the majority of his female characters the old 'bad working mothers neglect their families' plot. I'm tired of how none of the characters seem human or real. I'm tired of the bratty character T'Ryssa Chen and how Trek authors seem to assume we love this stupid, selfish, obnoxious 'Gossip Girl' reject.

I'm annoyed that this book is a disposable tale that contributes nothing and that it will be forgotten as soon as 2010's 'Typhon Pact' novels are published. I'm tired of how stilted, stodgy and lacking the Trek novels seem lately in the wake of the revival movie. This year the vast majority of Trek novels have been under written failures too bogged down in their own continuity. Nothing seems fresh, new or exciting.

I fear that I am facing burn out on the Trek novels and if TPTB don't give me something soon to sink my teeth into, then they will lose me as a consumer.

The Compleat Traveller in Black by John Brunner

Collected in this slim volume are five tales of a mysterious traveller who wanders the world granting wishes and fighting the forces of chaos.

Imprint of Chaos
The weakest and worst written of the tales of the mysterious Traveller. Never ever make a wish in his presence.

Break the Door of Hell
The city of Ys comes into its doom as the Traveller observes. This was creepy and rather good.

The Wager Lost by Winning
A jaded nobleman gambles with anything until his mouth writes a cheque his body can't cash. This was good.

The Things That Are Gods
There's something in the lake in this okay tale.

Dread Empire
The Traveller drives chaos back some more in this finale to his travels.

This is a bizarre fantasy but it is well worth reading.
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