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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Serenity’ (2018) trailer
Anne Hathaway wants Matthew McConaughey to kill her husband. Odd.

Best Line:
“Do what’s right okay?”

‘Mission Impossible - Fallout’ trailer
Ethan has no personality and there are guns, stuff blowing up and a ranting loon. Ethan can’t show emotion. Mm.

‘Poldark’ opening credits
Very dramatic.

‘Counterpart’ promo
“They’re coming for you.”

‘The Happy Prince’ promo
HORRIBLE make-up

Soft & juicy caterpillar gums - yum.
Feta with oregano & Sicilian lemon - nice.
Rose - nice.

Pink-washing is a thing?

I’d try the blazer and miniskirt look and I’d also try a swim cardigan.

I want to see ‘Bird Box’.

They’ve remade ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’?

Who saw ‘Desperate Romantics’ or ‘What A Carve Up!’ (1961) or ‘The Conversation’ (1974) or ‘Field Of Dreams’ (1989) or ‘Bus Stop’ (1956) or ‘America Screams’ (1978) or ‘Blue Smoke’ or ‘Bodies Of Evidence’ or ‘John Doe’ or ‘Hamburger Hill’ (1987) or ‘The Brides In The Bath’ (2003) or ‘The Abyss’ (1989) or ‘Good Luck Chuck’ (2007) or ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ (2003) or ‘Aeon Flux’ (2005) or ‘Conan The Barbarian’ (1982)?

Who watches ‘Simply Painting’?

What are celestial mechanics?

Volcanic eruption = pyroclastic torrent of lava, gas and rock.

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ (2001) was too smug. ‘An American Werewolf In London’ (1981) was not so hot. ‘Carry On Teacher’ (1959) was okay.

What is anchovy butter? Butter lettuce? Baked Japanese cheesecake? Yuzu cream?

Naff ‘DS9’ eps: ‘Past Prologue’, ‘The Nagus’, ‘Vortex’, ‘Dax’, ‘Battle Lines’, ‘The Forsaken’, ‘Q-Less’, ‘The Way Of The Warrior’, ‘Progress’, ‘Field Of Fire’, ‘Second Sight’, ‘The Siege Of AR-558’, ‘Civil Defence’, ‘Fascination’, ‘Starship Down’, ‘Melora’, ‘Invasive Procedures’, ‘The House Of Quark’, ‘The Visitor’, ‘The Sword Of Kahless’, ‘Return To Grace’, ‘Sons Of Mogh’, ’Meridian’ and ‘Rules Of Engagement’.

Naff ‘TNG’ eps: ‘Chains Of Command’, ‘Unification’, ‘Time’s Arrow’, ‘Justice’, ‘The Neutral Zone’, ‘Frame Of Mind’, ’A Fistful of Datas’ and ‘Birthright’.

Naff ‘VOY’ eps: ‘The 37’s’, ‘Persistence Of Evidence’, ‘Innocence’ and ‘Flesh & Blood’.

Naff ‘ENT’ eps: ‘Broken Bow’, ‘Judgement’ and ‘Damage’.

In Japan, you can buy partially cooked eggs?

‘Poirot’ Quote:
“Out and out rot.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Unmoved by calls for compromise.”

“Chaos and upheaval wherever he goes.”

‘The Book Smugglers’ Quote:
“People define family based on exclusion and heredity.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Too golf club even for a golf club.”

“All I wanted back then was to be seen.”

“Twitter gets mean.”

“The hostility you’d feel.”

“Such is the perceived scale of the problem.”

“Drug use was prompting psychotic episodes.”

“Wasn’t as hard as he thought he was.”

“Who he wanted to be.”

“Must prove themselves to earn their place-”

“Are we on the road to achieving them?”

“Had his bollocks bitten by ants.”

“Creepy sheep who never stopped their plaintive moaning outside my window.”

“Tied Leo to a tree to calm him down.”

“The fat of an easy life.”

“Set the bartender the challenge of impressing you.”

“Big red buttons that look like the one you pray Donald Trump missed on his tour of the White House.”

“Cultural nationalists.”

“Regarded this body-based music as a sexual and cultural threat.”

“Would lead to bad morals.”

“Spent much of his childhood getting expelled from English boarding schools-”

“Trashy television has to be artificially elevated before it can be acceptably consumed.”

“No instinct or longing for democracy.”

“A dream of bygone days when traditional British values were unthreatened.”

“Because of the way he was living his life.”

“Releases music solely so he has something to pin his opinions around.”

“For women to eat very much, or indeed at all, was poor form.”

“Brawl his way into prison or the grave,”

“Very special shower of bastards.”

“Dive of Masonry.”

“Know nothing or care nothing about books and the people who write them.”

“Fall from social scene-setter to pariah.”

‘Lords & Ladles’ Quotes:
“Not a vegetable in sight.”

Kitchens of yesteryear.”

“Wrapping the venison in marshgrass.”

“Only sweet thing, we had no sugar.”

“Pay me in honey.”

‘Being Human’ Quotes:
“Keeping the mentals in here or what?”

“Run into some random bit of countryside.”

“Go like now.”

“Strangely unwelcoming.”

“Taken stupid pills.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Social mask.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Satisfy the whimsical emotional impulses that drive your bosses.”

“Unable to deal with basic queries.”

“Properly publicly shamed.”

“If Hilary had listened to Bill’s urgent warnings about addressing the alienation of white men in flyover country in 2016, she’s be president.”

“Cascading scandals.”


“Imagined facts.”

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Quote:
“Bless this house with peace.”

‘Friday Night Dinner’ Quotes:
“His rectum seized up.”

“Your arse blows up.”

“Get me a gin and tonic. With no tonic.”

“Dead mum in box.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“1990s rave aesthetic.”

“Very well, Alone.”

“Accountability of disclosure.”

“Fictional good is boring and flat, whole fictional evil is varied and intriguing, attractive, profound and full of charm.”

“Been sufficiently punished for offences real and perceived.”

“Really good at being on the run it seemed.”

“Excluded from a group that offers in inclusion.”


“Modernity in its myriad forms, is viewed as a menace.”

‘Prison Break’ Quotes:
“Looking for these?”
“Yeah, where did you find them?”
“Three feet that way.”

“You can’t kill. And that’s what it’s gonna take to stop me. ‘Cause I don’t have the same reservations.”

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