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Star Trek The Official Magazine 194 + Prison Break: The Official 2007 Yearbook notes

Star Trek 194
This has a review of the second half of season 1 of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and a retrospective of ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’. Pola-motion graphics are mentioned? What are they? This was a far from satisfying read and there is way too much cultural discussion of ‘DS9’. It is not explained why the Duras sisters wore armour with boob windows. The ambiguous morality and confrontational paths of ‘DS9’ are discussed and earnestly debated. As are the substantial implications and the moral claustrophobia thereof. This was an okay read if a cloying irritant in places.

Best Lines:
“A genre unto itself,”

“Revolutionary within its own franchise,”

“Being somebody else for more hours than I was myself.”

“Cultural motif of honor.”

Prison Break: The Official 2007 Yearbook
This summarises season 2 and spews lies about season 3. There are lies about Sara. This is an arduously prolonged read done with po faced seriousness that does not address the ethical and emotional morass of the show. There is no scuzzy realism. The show and this magazine are inconsequential.
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