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Green Hornet 3 & Vampironica 2 Reviewed

Green Hornet 3
A new lot of baddies bother the heroes. People wonder why the Green Hornet and Kato would be in Turkey. Brit Reid Jnr’s raising seems incompatible with his father’s heroism. There is fighting. Britt cheated on Mulan? There are fight scenes. Clutch violates Turkish airspace. A dude wears a mask.

I think this is worse than ‘The Man Of Steel’. TPTB seem unaware Turkey has its own cultural identity. This bores and loses credibility with very page. This fails to deliver on quality and reading it is not an enrichment activity. This was not purposeful, profound or satisfying. It’s an unqualified failure.

Best Lines:
“Grooming their sons to inherit the earth...”

“Trying to establish a new world order. For fun. And profit.”

Vampironica 2
Veronica gets help from an unexpected source, shrugging off her insurmountable trauma. Betty and Archie are awful. Reggie’s a vampire. This is done with endearing relish.
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