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Book Review: The Chosen Ones, part 2

The Chosen Ones: A Sabina Kane Short Fiction Collection by Jaye Wells, part 2

Rusted Veins
Sabina indulges in petty jealously and badly written sex. She has no gentility, sweetness or cheerfulness. Sabina deals with Adam’s ex, baddies who lack moral enlightenment and engage in unconscionable acts and various selfish idiots in this okay story. This is much less interesting, satisfying and emotionally interesting than it should be. The kooky intrigue is not wildly interesting.

Best Lines:
“Who I’d somehow convinced to love me.”

“In full drama mode.”

“My complete lack of awe over his ridiculous nickname.”

Fire Water
A prequel to the ‘Prospero’s War’ books. This is told with commitment and seriousness as Kate has defensiveness and resentment of people. We are meant to attach great experience to this as a learning experience. It is an okay if defensive whinge.
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