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Timeless 1x10+Century City 1x08+The Americans 3x13+Counterpart 1x05&1x06+Doubt 1x13 Reviewed

Is this show renewed or not? Wyatt reacts to Jessica by hitting Flynn and Lucy. He’s a useless whining manbaby. Lucy’s mother is a raging psycho. Jessica stands idly by. The boring big bad whose name I can’t even remember sneers and fights the modern world at every turn. Jessica is obviously evil and revels in her attitudinal shift. Emma is told she’s not blood.

Rufus calls Wyatt out on his rampant selfishness and unthinking callous behaviour. Rufus gets weepy. Wyatt is useless and petty. Emma tries to kill Lucy again and then shoots Lucy’s mother and then shoots the useless big bad in the head. Wyatt has no sense. Exposition is babbled. Jessica is pregnant and serves Rittenhouse loyally. There is death. Mason may have a drink problem. Emma takes over Rittenhouse.

Emma annoys even after getting rid of the status distinctions in Rittenhouse, the love square bores, there is a gun fight, Jiya annoys and Wyatt never apologises for punching Lucy in the face. Rufus dies. Lucy cries. There is a cliffhanger ending. This bored. There was collusion by morally bankrupt types, unpleasantness and this ep and most of season 2 was wasted potential.

I had no interest or involvement in this ep. I didn’t see the necessity of this. The toxic brand of Rittenhouse goes on. Emma has smug superiority. Wyatt escapes all suspicion and hostility and reputational challenges for his crap. Sense is systemically ignored as is the social risk of Rittenhouse. Wyatt is never accountable for anything and he has a refusal to admit any mistakes whatsoever. Flynn is treated as surplus to requirements and is increasingly marginalised.

Best Lines:
“I don’t want to hear sorry.”

“How could this be worse?”

“Personal bollocks.”

“You’re in danger.”
“When aren’t I?”

“Whose fault is all of this?”


“One great regret.”

“That she didn’t indoctrinate me earlier into her evil cult.”

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Lose
Old dude’s addictions got forgotten as did he. Did TPTB take leave of their senses when they wrote this crap? There are computers controlled by hand gestures. The GM lawyer is involved in a HMO case. A man (Kevin J. O’Connor of ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’ and ‘The Others’) has a neural implant to cure his severe mental retardation (his words). Now they want to remove it and other people will decide his cognitive functioning for him.

The lawyers talk over a table full of flowers, fruit and bread. The man has a sense of insecurity. The sexist calls implanted people freaks. There is talk of a national health service. Kathleen Wilhoite and Bree Turner guest star. The implants will kill people if they aren’t removed. Oddly there aren’t lawsuits over the killer implants. People fling the word retard around.

The word “dopa” is used. A woman is sued by a man who doesn’t like the fact she has a cosmetic penis. She isn’t trans. Trans people are mocked. People talk and act this way in 2030?!?! The sexist still has a decision making role and is part of the firm’s indisputable unity? How? Why? Tom seems to have become stupid. This ep was bonkers and all farcical ineptitude.

This tries for earnestness. The man isn’t admirably rebellious. How was he able to marry? His wife is discomfited by all this. There is no high-mindedness. This ep spectacularly failed. There is transphobia which implicitly annihilates interest. One feels sheer disinterest. There are generically stupid people. This is not even maudlin. There are no credible threats. The sexist is all insidious tenacious gradual corruption.

The lawyers watch an ad that encourages women to get cosmetic penises which is all about penis envy. They find this sexist terrible ad hilarious and we are supposed to find it funny and mock stupid women and the guy who got a 2nd one. FFS. There is no deep reflection or emotional reaction. Otherkin are mentioned and it is casually mentioned that autism has been cured. The man’s wife is dismissed as a golddigger by the man’s lawyer. She stays with him after this. The whole plot seems a ripoff of the Bashir GM plot on ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’.

There is rampant sexism and rampant gender essentialism. Oprah Winfrey is POTUS in 2030. TPTB think they’re being midly risky but the horrific arguments made in court show them up for what they are. Cue bitter laugher. A retarded woman who had her implant removed is made a spectacle of on the witness stand as she cries over the loss of her intelligence, job, home and husband. She’s struggling to function.

There are colonies on Mars, Microsoft opened the 2nd one. This was not satisfyingly ironic; there are slow minds and no boisterous jousting or arresting situations or dignified enthusiasm. One watches this queasily. A sexist narrative has been developing in this show since 1x01. The man has emotional inarticulacy. There is no wholesome or moral ideology or character growth just pouty, selfish nitwits with wilfulness and no strategic minds.

The man annoys. Can TPTB try being non-contentious? The man gets cruel treatment and condescension. The sexist is not suavely carnal. This ep is insignificant and calamitous. The sexist obsesses over his hologram being real. Are we supposed to care? TPTB have an obvious fear and dread of difference. This show wastes time and TPTB have no moral courage. This will never get a DVD release as Hollywood now strives to avoid controversy.

Best Lines:
“Pretty abrupt even by their standards.”


“He didn’t like the sex.”

“Unimportant. Unimportant.”

“Motivational software.”

“Throw me back in the wastebasket.”

“Penis lifestyle.”

“Somebody ought to sue for something.”

“The penis in question.”

“Penis free.”

“Not letting her see me the way I used to be.”

“You never would have loved that person.”

The Soviet Division
Philip, Elizabeth and Tuan drove Pasha to a suicide attempt. Stan’s girlfriend Renee moves in with him. She may or may not be a Russian plant. The defectors are to go back to Russia. Paige sighs sadly over a bad joke of Reagan’s that TPTB shrugged off. This causes no wild emotions. Spying has a very malign effect on Philip and Elizabeth. People come up with myths that will serve their nations well.

Martha is offered a child. Elizabeth and Philip’s latest undercover identities are Brad and Dee. Ha! Pasha mumbles sadly. No one cares about him. Tuan is into denouncement. Philip won’t let Henry go to his fancy boarding school because they’re planning to leave. Pastor Tim annoys. Renee has frizzy 80s hair. Philip hangs out with Kimmy and looks like a perv. Philip learns something that changes all their plans. Elizabeth and Paige slap each other around in the basement. This was mmm.

Best Lines:
“Dry out the sub-floor.”

“Church better.”

“I’m saying truth.”

Shaking The Tree
Nobody has calm or reflection. People incubate resentments. This was not venturesome. Some dude gets shot. Stephen Rea lurks. It’s all very very serious with sorrowful asides and generalised untenable conditions. The debased present sees no one make wise choices. 3 crossers have malicious intent and sufficient disregard for life. They seem to be sworn enemies of dimension 1 and everything it represents.

Howard 2 looks visibly deranged. Emily is still a spy and still comatose. There is a non-specific conspiracy and a winsome type who is piteous. There are veiled threats and dire warnings but no emotional charge or emotional honesty. There is just heartless contempt by erratic and vengeful types.

There are no real world consequences, yet, for the 2 worlds being irreconcilable. There is no heartfelt commitment to this. Howard 2’s daughter Anna is a source of adult concern. What is The School? The 3 sleepers lurk as does Pope. Does Pope have an other? There is mumbling about a well placed mole. People speak to Alice, a defector from Dimension 2, who lives with her other and her husband. Weird. Nothing very dangerous happens. Howard learns about the flu epidemic that wiped out 7% of Dimension 2. Did Dimension 1 cause it? Or was it just natural?

Emily 2 does whispers of the past. There is furtiveness and a much darker aspect of Emily is shown. Howard is unassertive. Howard 2 uncovers an affair Emily was having. Howard talks to Howard 2’s brat Anna. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“They hate your side for what you’ve done to ours.”

“This one ruined him.”

“Who’s Shadow?”

“The people Alexander Pope’s consorting with.”

“Heard rumours about that place.”

“I thought you were better.”

Act Like You’ve Been Here Before
Invective is screamed. German is mumbled. Prince is alive in Dimension 2 and has a new album out which is said to be his best work in years. People try to smuggle it to Dimension 1. One feels limited enthusiasm for various ideologically motivated types. I don’t know who these characters are.

This is so much filler. Clare, the assassin’s handler is more important than originally suspected. Peter Quayle is the hooker boinking appointed by nepotism guy in Dimension 1. Ian Shaw is an angry man in Dimension 2. Anna (Sarah Bolger) whines. It is revealed that Peter Quayle’s wife is Clare the assassin’s handler and she is the mole.

Apart from the Clare reveal, this ep was completely ludicrous and full of T&A, due to the reprehensible male gaze. Leaving aside the Clare reveal, this was uniquely pointless and full of malign people and false consciousness. Howard 2 commits violence against a prostitute. People burn stuff. Peter Quayle has a slack jawed reaction to the realization that his wife is an unscrupulous spy/mole. Harsh reality pal!

This ep was clumsy. Howard 2 seems himself as an isolated maverick. There are no creative opportunities. I’ve a lack of interest in this show. How long has Clare (technically Clare 2) been Quayle’s wife? Why does he cheat consonantly? Why doesn’t he have a coaster? The Clare reveal prompts me to keep watching and is the sole highlight of this tedious utilitarian ep.

Best Lines:
“Black Room. 3 months.”

“He seemed actually interested in my life.”

“Done giving him chances to disappoint me.”

“Nothing you are is true.”

“Love the lie.”

“Killed one of ours to make room for one of theirs.”

The Return
The ex-con is in trouble due to his character and fitness review. Billy is acquitted. Sadie makes it all about her and is engaged to Billy. The ex-con is smug and obstructive and ignores a client who ends up with a longer sentence because of him. Why didn’t the woman get to court on time? The lawyers are shady. Sadie’s mother is released. They’re all terrible people.

Nick’s in trouble. Sadie could care less. Where did the firm get 5 million dollars for Nick’s bail? Sadie didn’t go to her prom. Everyone is just fine and dandy with Sadie’s father cheating on his wife and ditching her and his daughter to fawn over his imprisoned murderous lover for decades. Sadie learns Billy did kill his girlfriend and that she helped him get away with it. Like duh. The show ends. It sucked.

Best Lines:
“Macy’s still exists right?”

“I’m sorry.”
“You should be.”
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