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Book Reviews: The Chosen Ones, Part 1 + 3 90s horror novels

The Chosen Ones: A Sabina Kane Short Fiction Collection by Jaye Wells, part 1
A collection of 4 novellas. 3 are based on Sabina Kane and 1 on Prospero’s War.

Fool’s Gold
A prequel set in 1979. Sabina and some lunk must prevent vampires being exposed. A strip club called The Tit Crypt is visited and Sabina has a confrontational look and a jerk to deal with. Sabina causes vampires social offence by existing. This very good short story shows how Sabina developed her negative and unhelpful attitude and vengeful opposition to everyone. Sabina meets an evil liar and semi-psychotic guy and develops her gradual isolationism.

Best Lines:
“Family is trash. Last known job was a strip club in the valley.”

“Spoke about his feats with reverence.”

Violet Tendencies
Sabina and some distractible demons smash up a strip club. This was good.

Best Lines:
“Gave him a decidedly threatening air.”

“Thongs became garrottes.”

“Her lack of depth was one of the things I liked best about her.”

The Shee/Still Life/Bane by Joe Donnelly
These are crap horror novels.
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