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Supergirl 3x20 + Quantico 2x22 + Chicago Justice (2017) 1x01 + A Very English Scandal 1x03 Reviewed

Dark Side Of The Moon
Kara fawns over Mon-El both of them ignoring the fact he is married. Winn is a moron. Alex and her baby-rabies fawns over Ruby. FFS. Reign taunts Lena. Mon-El and Supergirl and their gimp suits prance around. Supergirl ignores how she wanted Lena to have social submission to her. You are your own actions Kara. She is a personality undergoing slow-motion collapse.

Kara whines selfishly. Alex is self-obsessed. Mon-El spews unconvincing bravado. Alex bothers the former Midvale sheriff. Part of Krypton has survived in the city of Argo including Kara’s mother (recast with Lois from 'Smallville'). She’s never come looking for Kara or her twin sister? Kara shrugs off the Danvers clan to fawn off her obviously lying mother. Argo floats aorund in space and won't help.

Winn yells at Ruby, the oversensitive whiner. Which of them do I mean by that comment? I don’t know. Alex is a bullying fascist. One is not primed for enthusiasm for this. The dialogue is this ep is laughable. Where is Max Lord? Alex is already planning to adopt Ruby as Sam is gone. Mon-El does something that I’m sure will have horrifying consequences. Winn makes Ruby’s pain all about him.

The world killer’s priestess is in Argo. As is Tim Russ of ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. Kara makes a speech. The world killer’s priestess is Selena aka the witchy villain from the 1984 ‘Supergirl’ movie. Alex’s baby rabies annoys. Lena tries to kill Reign and it ends on a cliffhanger. Oh who cares?

Best Lines:
“You seem more stoic and grave than usual.”

“Pizza bagel.”

“The sins of Krypton live on.”

“You are so much darker than you realise.”

Season 2 comes to an end. Iris returns, I don’t recall who she is. The twins are locked up, until they aren’t. Jon Kortajanena and Fredric Lehne guest star. The POTUS has begotten his own morality. Clayton is heedless and frenetically reckless. People are deeply deplorable. The gang continue their demented defiance against the POTUS’ abominable personal behaviour.

Alex has an insatiable appetite for confrontation. A congressman has a secret. There are damaging consequences and narrative energy. Alex has contempt for personal danger. Ryan has humourless graceless arrogance. Alex is culture rescuing. Shelby is a stupid hoe. The POTUS has a maniacal will to power. Felix has theatrical impatience with Clayton’s toxicity. Can they escape the moral quagmire?

Baddies escalate the nastiness. Felix admits he has culpable ignorance. The baddies have scorn heaped on them. Baddies have cold logic. Smart TV’s are evil. Personal and communal continuity is to be disrupted. Clayton comes up with yet another plan to bring down the thing of evil. He and his gang of idiots discuss this in front of the evil eavesdropping smart TV.

Will lurks. The POTUS’ lackeys have absolute intolerance of alternative opinions. Alex and co have important enemies. Things are fraught with tension. Nobody has a fierce intellect. The fate of the world rests on Alex and co’s decisions, as they try to stave off catastrophe.

Russians lurk. There are barely disguised threats and a confrontational position. After the lost promise of some of this season, it has picked up. People act unworthily. Alex and co always forget they are being watched continuously. How did Owen and Miranda and Clayton and Shelby and Ryan and Alex get into the convention? You can see how TPTB hope this is ominously accurate and eerily prophetic. Where is Claire? The POTUS has self delusion and smirks with mischievous fun and oozes certainty.

Clayton’s ex-fiancée shows up. Pussy hats are worn. Why? Clayton lied about his break up. Shelby wears excessive eyeliner. Alex wears a dress that she is falling out of. The Constitutional Convention has no security. Alex Facetimes. POTUS Roarke unravels due to her theatrics.

POTUS Roarke is fatally proud but his co-workers aren’t passionately loyal, he was tragically ambitious. Clayton revels in Roarke’s misdemeanours and downfall. Clayton’s moralist obsession leads to no maudlin reflection. Roarke’s narcissistic confidence and insincerity runs out. Alex runs. The dulled and deadening Ryan goes with her. They’ll have to be continually vigilant. Clayton marries his fiancée. Where is Dayana? Why was Leon killed? Where is Sebastian? Miranda goes to jail. Owen runs the CIA. This was good.

Best Lines:
“You scared the last one.”

“Doing bad for the greater good.”

“Paying 14 dollars for 2 ounces of flavoured ethanol.”

“A new era of security and purpose.”

“This government run by a rogue cabal of self-serving elitists.”

“We won. I think.”

The latest ‘Chicago’ spin-off begins with what is the third part of a crossover with ‘Fire’ and ‘PD’. An arsonist is on trial. Carl Weathers of ‘Colony’ is in this and Jason Beghe and Elias Koteas guest star. The arsonist feels no social shame, there is no moral quandary that the arsonist confessed under duress. An annoying female cop annoys, this was rigidly conventional, the arsonist’s father annoys by being annoying and selfish and this ep and therefore this cancelled show is unpromising.

The arsonist’s mother feels moral scandal. This ep was not endlessly fascinating. There is yelling and exaggerated sentiment. The arsonist has an icy stare and chilling calm and a morbid manner. This ep produces nothing new. The defence lawyer sneers. The prosecutor is strident and aggressive and makes condescending remarks. A lie about sex abuse is brought up to con the jury, oh very tasteful TPTB!

Nobody has competency or self sacrifice. Instead they have lying and guardedness. The defence lawyer does excoriation of witnesses and one wasn’t exactly enchanted with this. Why does the arsonist have unsettling derangement? He is an incel stalker. Sigh. A reporter sneers. The much reviled and much maligned arsonist smugs. The prosecutor has a married lover and she is a determinedly terrible nasty and fickle whiner who has a dismissive attitude to the dead kids at the rave.

This ep was not interested or interesting. The judge sneers.  The defence paint the arsonist as a good, sweet and docile boy. The defence is a deadly serious dick given to relentless attacks on morals. The prosecutor has a sobering realization. TPTB and the characters blame the stalked burn victim for ‘causing’ the arsonist to burn down the rave because she wouldn’t go out with him. No wonder this was cancelled.

Best Lines:
“Playing lawyer games.”

“Sympathy pendulum.”

“Sympathy defence.”

“Attorney work product.”

“Unspeakable indignities.”

“Unutterable devastation.”

“I don’t have a terrace.”

“Sleazy website guy.”

“Inevitable morality.”

“They’re all irrelevant to me!”

A Very English Scandal 1x03
The establishment cover up for Thorpe. When Norman reports his own attempted murder, he is slapped around. Norman refuses to conform to the expectations of society. Thorpe lies and preens. Norman fails to keep quiet. Thorpe fears shame culture. There is a Cyril Smith mention; his sins wouldn’t come out until after his death. Old incriminating letters are found by rough-arsed builders. There is snobbery and a steely defence barrister. The trial begins.

A disgraceful biased judge oversees the case. Thorpe is emotionally aggressive and turns on friends. Moral choices are made. The defence relishes being a culture rescuing oik. The cover up makes you want to vomit with rage. Norman doesn’t help himself. Norman is given to unpredictable outbursts. He lives in censorious times. Norman has a hint of frailty. Thorpe isn’t a charm grenade. The court scenes are cringe inducing.

Norman faces a brutal onslaught. This is all senseless controversy. Thorpe has a manic kind of existential dread. No-one takes moral responsibility. There is no ironic nostalgia. Norman is treated disdainfully and is trapped in his own antic serotype. Thorpe is a moral failure. Norman plays up the role allotted to him. The veneer of merriment evaporates.

There is no moral victory. This is okay if not deeply satisfying. Thorpe has no fatal glamour, just a cloak of evil. No responsibilities, duties and care exist in his space of denial. Liberals are the enemy. Thorpe explored his desires. The establishment do stage management of the trial. Thorpe’s persistent demands for Scott’s death led to this.

The villains are acquitted despite trying to murder Scott. Thorpe’s mother sneers at him. Thorpe became an undesirable element in politics and the real Norman Scott pops up in the Where Are They Now montage, which also includes a clip of Peter Cook mocking the biased judge.

Best Lines:
“Or whether he just said he wanted him dead so often, one day someone listened.”

“That’s bearable.”

“Not the one from ‘Dad’s Army’.”

“Stupid babbling man.”

“Fleet Street on the attack.”

“Generic noun.”

“My own son married a hippie in a yurt!”

“Thorpe would fall one day.”

“His 2nd wife left him for George Best.”

“Disco biscuits.”

“You’re ruined. You know that don’t you?”

“Player of the pink oboe.”
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