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Arrow 6x23 + The Handmaid’s Tale 2x07 + Quantico 2x21 Reviewed

Life Sentence
Oliver and his vigilante team attack a police station and show their waning moral authority and demonstrable uselessness. Is there only one police station in Star City? Diaz has lost his army. Felicity babbles. People babble about Diaz and a list. Oliver is emotionally aggressive and Diaz has sullen resignation.

Diaz mumbles about the Longbow Hunters. I guess they’re the big bad of season 7. Oliver makes various non-apologies. Diaz shouts and is feral and hostile, with passion and trenchancy. Diggle arselicks Oliver. Felicity does bad fake typing. TPTB try for tense confrontation. Oliver thinks manipulating people and causing them distress is a valid form of heroism.

Will Oliver stop doing that stupid growly voice? A stupid woman stands around. How did the slovenly Diaz intimidate so many people? Oliver went from perpetually underrating people leading to the ultimate and logical consequence of them turning on him to making nice, fakely. Lance does blame Oliver for Laurel dying, but that isn’t dwelt on.

Diaz focuses his vile attention and behaviour on Lance. Oliver babbles to Dinah who babbles crap. Go work on a companionship site Dinah! Go away Felicity! Oliver babbles effusively. Lance is shot by Diaz. There are big fight scenes with the inevitable explosions. Oliver yells thanklessly. Diaz gets away and isn’t dead and is still at large and looking angry.

Lance and Oliver have a sap filled conversation. Sara Lance shows up. This was good. Oliver finally talks to his son instead of fawning over his bimbo. Watson is staying in Star City. Lance dies, off-screen. What a lame way to off a character that has been around since 1x01. Felicity plans to break the law, again. Oliver is off to supermax, considering how many people he’s killed and got killed, he deserves to be there. Not to mention abusing Tommy’s memory during his laughable trial. Oliver does a perp walk.

Oliver goes public as the Green Arrow and finally says Roy and Tommy aren’t the Green Arrow. Too little, way too late pal. Where is the ACLU during Oliver’s speech? Diaz broods. Curtis is useless and Oliver isn’t popular in supermax. I guess the show will change in season 7. They cannot go back to the status quo after this. Or can they?

Best Lines:
“Special kind of stupid.”

“Your identity is hardly a well kept secret.”

“I made some new friends.”

“Come down on him like God’s own righteous fury.”

“I don’t think your daddy loves you anymore.”

“No warning shots.”

“Get the Feds to go back to their swamp.”

“Why are you being arrested again?”

“We all know who you are!”

“He was launched off a rooftop; he shouldn’t have been able to go anywhere at all.”

Ofglen killed more Handmaids than Commanders. Where did the Handmaids mourning attire come from? When did they learn the mourning ritual? The Handmaids are buried in red coffins. Aunt Lydia makes a speech. Is she one of those women who ingest a lot of the toxic male attitudes around them and end up being controlled and controlling other women’s behaviour?

Guardians with guns observe the funeral. When did the Handmaids learn the choreographed movements? The Eyes are stringing people up. Nick’s alive but his boss isn’t. Nick has no problem with overseeing the Eyes retaliatory actions. The Commander isn’t dead, he should have been killed.

Commander Cushing lurks. Emily and Janine are removed from the Colonies and are to be Handmaids again. Luke and Moira learn of the bombing, he doesn’t seem concerned. Luke is useless. Children were killed by Gilead? Flashbacks show Moira was a surrogate mother. What has become of that baby? Moira ended up dating her doctor Odette.

Who made all the female costumes? Who devised all the rituals? Rita is addressed as Martha, no name for her. Cushing bothers Offred. How high up in the Eyes is Nick? Offglen’s household was executed because of what she did. Offred and Serena Joy have a veiled discussion. What is the Consular Of Divine Law? Serena Joy plots. Moira learns that Odette is dead. Serena Joy arranges for Commander Cushing to be hauled off by the Eyes.

Gilead is inimical to sense. Guardians with guns lurk in a shop. Econowives shop alongside Handmaids. Janine and Offred talk. Janine is very perky considering how bad off she was at the end of season 1. Emily’s back in the same district as Offred and is miserable. Isn’t she dying of radiation poisoning? Alma is still around. Handmaids whisper their real names to each other. Eden stares disapprovingly.

This was good. How did the Canadians find out the names of the dead Handmaids? Do they have a spy in Gilead? Ofglen’s real name was Lillie. Serena Joy writes security orders and wants Offred to edit. I’m sure that will backfire horribly. TPTB show off their serious artistic intent and cold, hard and brutal depiction of social ills. But this is not nearly as arresting as it is presumably intended to be.

Best Lines:
“26 Commanders. 31 of us.”

“She never washed her hair. God rest her soul.”

“Blessed day.”

“Gone home to God.”

“By his hand.”

“My giant pile of money.”

“Rounded up before the war.”

“In grace I go.”

“Blessed evening.”

“Bad hats and hipster scruff.”

“Getting back to normal around here.”

Roarke is POTUS and a pedantic menace. There is an ominous atmosphere. Shelby can never quite make life work for her. Roarke is to call a constitutional convention. Ryan is wearingly monotonal as he drones moral advice. Will shows up with Miranda. Alex’s beauty leads spectators to endow her with complexities of which she herself is unaware. Roarke has planned and contrived to remake America. This was good. There is malice and forethought. They plan to end Roarke’s presidency. Clayton’s fiancée has dumped him. There are entrenched positions and a planned attack. Clayton embraces loserdom. There is bad VFX, moral strength and rational self-interest. The POTUS is pitilessly brilliant.

Best Lines:
“You only think you’ve won.”

“You are a bitter bitter man!”


“Who says you’re a good guy?”

“Of course it would be you.”
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