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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Supergirl’ 3x21 promo
Kara buggers off to the moon leaving Reign to rampage, selfish cow.

‘Westworld’ 2x07 promo
There is darkness, dust, mumbling, dramatic music, guns and sheets. Ford is alive?

Best Line:
“Bleed like you.”

‘Designated Survivor’ promo

‘A Very English Scandal’ promo
“Awful men.”

‘Blindpsot’ promo

Who saw ‘In The Line Of Duty: Ambush In Waco’ (1993)?

How is Darth Maul in ‘Solo’?

Who saw ‘Straightheads’?

Maggie and Rick are leaving ‘The Walking Dead’! Yay!

Cockroach milk is a thing?

They’ve made jewellery from the Mount St Helens eruption?

I don’t think I’ll read ‘Dracula: Prince Of Darkness’ or ‘The Conspiracy Files’.

I won’t review ‘The Americans’ 5x12 ‘The World Council Of Churches’ or ‘Doubt’ 1x12 ‘Running Out Of Time’.

I will review ‘Harvest Home’.

I want to read ‘Warrior Fantastic’.

‘Roseanne’ cancelled. FFS.

Is ‘Solo’ a flop?

WTF is parrot fever?

There is to be a ‘Young Ones’ documentary.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Whore face.”

“Verbal assault.”

“Do exotic dancing and provocative webcam videos from her bedroom.”

“Runs back to the chaos.”

“Smoke spice.”

“Emotional rages.”

“Felt very abandoned.”

“Dates these horrible men.”

‘TheWashingtonPost’ Quotes:
“Became shorthand for terrible.”

“Remember being funny? Maybe you could try that again.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:

“Strong social and linguistic community.”

“Alcohol-related presentations.”

“Urge incontinence.”

“Spuc off.”

“Food crises.”

“If only the adults in his life hadn’t been so inexplicably, unforgivably, incomprehensibly clueless and/or indifferent.”

“Sowing violence with words.”

“Freedom of conscience.”

“Ethically necessary.”

“Their voices were very loud initially but they’re not so loud now.”

‘Aertel’ Quote:
“Planning not to fail.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Continuing intimidation, threats and lies.”

“Prophet of dystopia.”

“Stand by your words.”

“No longer confident of that conclusion.”

“Prevent a prime minister acting so recklessly again,”

“We are not going to tolerate unethical people.”

“Dead to all that makes life worth living.”

“Personal custodianship.”


“So damaging to city vitality. They are locked, gated and family-hostile.”

“Culturally invisible.”

“Failed liberal cities.”

“Hammers on the big bell of relevance.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Not wish to be contacted.”

‘Gotham’ Quotes:
“This is a low rent neighbourhood for you.”

“Thriving with your current life choices.”

‘Supernatural’ Quote:
“Don’t screw with me worm.”

Sky & Telescope’ Quotes:
“Try as we might to deliver them in clear, accessible prose, some feature articles even in S&T can feel arcane to those new in the field,”

“Neutron-star merger.”

“Triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs (and much else).”


“The last great age of pre-telescopic astronomy, the world wrestled with the heliocentric cosmology proposed by Copernicus. To challenge the Earth-centred views of Ptolemy was not only intellectually daring, but also mortally dangerous.”

“Intergalactic wanderer.”

“Astronomy was about to reach down to Earth and reset the course of evolution.”

“Coal swamps.”

“Millipedes 7 feet long.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sami runs around James’ flat. Marnie has had some hideous interior decorating done. Ste is common. Myra dresses like a French maid. Dreadful decisions are made. Are the writers on tar?

Best Lines:
“Is that a working class expression?”

“Have you any self respect?”
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