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Book Reviews: Such Things May Be, part 4

Such Things May Be: Collected Writings by James Wade, part 4

The Scowler
This is an extremely racist tale told with a lamentable lapse of taste. It is also homophobic and written with sinister nonchalance. It is way way worse than it sounds.

Best Line:
Battalion commissioned officers who outside the military, would be lucky to get jobs as hotel lavatory attendants or bully-boys in public mental institutions.”

Among The Sand Dunes At Crane Rock Point
WTF is this?

Three Sonnets By H.P Lovecraft For Voice And Piano
Badly photocopied wannabe intellectualism.

Film Review: Spirits Of The Dead
From 1970 came this sexist review that is profoundly humdrum.

Review: Mulligan, Come Home
From 1970, comes this incoherent review of a short story set in the sci-fi year of 2002! It’s sexist and charmless.

Book Review: The Green Man
From 1970, an awfully stupid review of the Kingsley Amis’ novel (I saw some of the TV adaptation) about folk horror.

Film Flam
From 1971, another film review that shows how ill-suited Wade is to writing.

My Life With The Greatest Old One
From 1972, the author ego strokes himself and shows no understanding of the future of weird fiction.

The Mass Media Horror
From 1971, Wade writes a generally disapproving list of possible Lovecraft adaptations.

Lunch With Mr. Bloch
From 1972, a movie review. Wade never seems to have heard of the word anthology and always writes with reverence for himself.

Review: Lovecraft’s Follies
From 1972, a book review that shows how Wade is mystified by people who don’t write like him.

Book Review: Selected Letters III
From 1972, Lovecraft’s racism is shrugged off. You get the feeling Wade is furious he didn’t get to edit Lovecraft’s letters.

Book Review: The Collected Ghost Stories Of Oliver Onions
From 1973, a badly punctuated review that manages to be racist. This is an intensely frustrating review of an intriguing sounding book.

Film Review: Don’t Look Now
From 1974, Wade’s arrogance and stupidity while dialled down is still present.

Arkham House: Promise And Performance
From 1977, Wade reviews a far superior writer’s fascinatingly repellent book. Homophobia creeps in again as a smug thrill.

Book Review: The House Of The Worm
From 1976, Wade damns with faint praise another author.

A Sense Of Otherness
From 1975, Wade has no concept of othering. This was demoralising.

Book Review: Kecksies And Other Twilight Tales
From 1977, Wade’s horrible writing makes a review of a disturbingly compelling stories sound dull.

Book Review: Interview With The Vampire
From 1977, Wade has no concept of spoilers and he gives away the entire plot. This review is a direct affront to Rice. Wade must be afraid his position in the world could be usurped by Rice.
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