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Book Review: Such Things May Be, part 3

Such Things May Be: Collected Writings by James Wade, part 3

Cotton Mather’s Vision
Dramatic events unfold in this short tale that causes stultifying boredom.

What They Said
This poem from 1975 reads like parody and there is no ingenious enthusiasm here.

This poem is unnecessary.

Night Shadows
One is completely repelled by this poem.

This poem is uninteresting.

At The Corner Of Walk And Don’t Walk: 12th Of Never
Space nonsense.

Sonnet 1948
This ‘poem’ is misogynistic, nasty, hostile, women-hating crap.

This 1970 poem is empty of meaning.

The Twilight Of Faustus
Editor Edward P. Berglund needs a lesson in editing. This is not worth caring about.

Sonnet 1949
This poem from 1975 proves Wade cannot write poems, this was not monumentally emotional.

Farewell In Limbo
One feels cold indifference for Wade’s dark fantasies.

Panels For A Nativity
From 1971, this poem is paltry strangeness.

Wotan Brooding Over The Ruins
This is bad ‘Lords Of The Rings’ fan-fiction.

Sauk City: Two Gentlemen Meet At Midnight
This 1977 poem is done with an annoying stylistic device that is hugely irritating.

In Memoriam: H.P. Lovecraft
This 1969 poem tries for chilly gloom but it is grindingly slow.

The Book In The Glade
From 1972, Wade’s wise-ass intonations are especially traumatising.

A Poem About Bone Cancer In Children
From 1974, this is transcendently terrible.

Shoggoth Victim
From 1976, this tries for gloomy and sombre but is just notoriously unpleasant.

Revisionist Sonnet
This dated pop culture joke is from 1976 and it shows.

The Sinister Sonnet
This mess from 1976 is of no cultural distinction.

H.P. Lovecraft, ESQ
This triviality and whimsical silliness is from 1976 and it is rather unpleasant.

There is no psychological complexity in this eejitry from 1976.

My Love
This corny and trite pap is from 1976.

Untitled Poem
This dreadfulness was from 1972.

This 1978 mess was not meaty or insightful.

This mess from 1976 was not marvellously bleak or grimly atmospheric and causes no horrific fascination.

The Commuter
This was not sweetly melancholic; I’ve no idea what this was about.

Tonic Triad
A dull tale of sordid behaviour.

Foreign Policy
A racist tale that is not thought provoking just ill-intentioned.

Best Line:
“Forbidden the men for sanitary reasons.”
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