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The Inside Episode 13 Review

Skin and Bone

'The Inside' comes to the end of its ill-fated run with this disturbing ep as everyone gets to do their actings. Rebecca is taken prisoner by a morbidly obese cannibal (William Mapother of 'Lost' dons a ludicrously unconvincing fat suit for the role.) Mel makes a lot of comments about how many times Rebecca has been kidnapped, Paul is Webb's man-bitch again and Rebecca has to escape a 'Saw' like situation.

Also in this ep is the first mention of Paul's wife in some time, an extremely clumsy 'Firefly' shout out and much time is devoted to how little the team know about Rebecca. The team view Rebecca's apartment and realise how disturbed she is, she never unpacked after her move to LA and only owns one plate. After Rebecca escapes from the house of horrors, the team bond at her apartment and bring her a pot plant.

This was okay, but how did the chair ridden villain rig up the doorbell trap? And how did he hide the bones in the crawlspace?

Best Lines:
"Maybe she had a hot date last night."
"I doubt that."

"A less socially aware Rambo."

"Nobody here really talks. Not about anything personal. They've all got these walls up around themselves."

"She gets taken, like it's a hobby"
"It is kind of on the freaky side of often."

"Paris Hilton would be a more credible as a Fed than you!"

"See what happens to lying liars who don't know their house manners!"

"You got stuck in your own trap."
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