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Movie Review: Pyewacket (2017)

From the producers of the inept ‘The Witch’ and ‘The Void’ comes this unscary film full of ineptitude in which gradations of misery get worse. A widow (Laurie Holden of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The X Files’) is a mercurial terrible mother to her teenage daughter Leah.

Her daughter and her mirthlessly cynical friends have cultural decadence as instinctive unease, ominous dread and suppressed dismay are all around. The mother has no name or moral authority and is reluctant to engage and is deprived of reason and stews in her own self contempt.

There is no brooding dramatic potential. Leah does an occult ritual in the woods. She’s become the damage and calls it normal. Anyway Leah learns too late to be careful what you wish for, someone may be listening. This was slow moving with staring and walking. Leah has an agonised epiphany and her mother has a personality change. This was not a memorable spectacle.

This has the charisma, acting level and scares of a laminate floor. This was not propulsive. Leah is not honest and has no integrity. An all-knowing occult expert pops up. One feels unconcern whilst watching this ridiculous film.

Best Lines:
“Black craft.”

“I invoke you and call upon you.”

“Careful what you believe in.”

“You wannabe a Manson chick or something?”
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