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The Day Reagan Was Shot
Rufus and Wyatt are truly odious little twerps. Rittenhouse has low moral fibre. Flynn uses the term First Grade, is he American or what? Jiya time-travels. Where did their clothes come from? Who did their hair? Truly hideous clothes are worn. The gang’s assessment and perception of the situation is wrong, again

The gang meet the young Agent Christopher. A Rittenhouse sleeper is a Secret Service agent. Flynn thinks this is all hilarious. This isn’t even fitfully amusing. People talk about Christopher with condescending regret. Violence creates its own momentum and there is no effect on morality and sanity. Wyatt and Rufus rough up a captured sleeper agent. Lucy finally discusses the journal with Flynn. Lucy was at the Royal Wedding IRL BTW. Lucy set Flynn’s quest in motion. Jessica pins a baby on Wyatt to cover up her obvious Rittenhouse allegiance. This bored.

Best Lines:
“They hate Jodie Foster or something?”

“I’m Cagney, this is Lacey.”

“Please do come in.”

“We work undercover a lot.”
“Usually as prostitutes.”

Why is Alex so surprised there is a way out of the crisis zone? How did she get out? Miranda is unashamed. Alex feels everyone has to conform to her rules or they aren’t worthy of trust, also secrets are only hers to keep. She also asserts her centrality in all decisions. Harry spies.

Harry annoys. Where was the AIC during the events of season 1? The new POTUS (Marcia Cross) shows up and does a reveal. Owen talks about Venezuela’s expected collapse. Harry stirs the pot. The POTUS mumbles about Alternative Training. There are emotional responses, shows of pride and Harry is a mortal adversary with joyful anticipation of the crap he sets in motion.

The dire threat is on pause for some political ranting. The gang cause futility and despair by doing disreputable things. Ryan is unrepentant and self-dramatising. An undercover twin suffers beyond human enduring. There is neglectful disregard of sense. TPTB obfuscate the internal logic of the character’s choices. Emotional boundaries are violated. This ep was annoying banality. There is emotional deception and burning contempt and Harry engages in deviltry. Harry is predatory. There is a reveal about Owen and Leon surprises and Lydia prances.

Best Lines:
“Disavow that paper.”

“America elected a half as qualified man with next to no experience! A man who’s never stood for anything! Who’s never served this country!”

This ep was not soul-scarring. The baddies take their masks off. There is no dramatic insight or moral consideration. Owen goes on about exfiltration. This ep was never particularly engrossing. Owen goes to Germany, he said he can’t travel. There is no significant tension. Alex was born to have opinions.

The trainees are insecure tag-along followers trying desperately to impress. Sebastian married the woman he was pimped out to. Will is a baddie, kind of. Leigh was apparently a baddie smuggling semtex in wedding china. Owen faces consequences. Accusations are flung. There is causal violence and ungovernable shame and more violence. People try to extricate themselves from suspicion.
Will has uncompromising efficiency. This was incoherent, weak and inconsistent. There is no emotional satisfaction. Harry plays the victim; he’s not a lovable rogue. Dayana continues to be a menacing social evil. This ep made no damn sense and was profoundly boring.

Best Lines:
“Nuclear technology conveniently lost.”

“Why are 2 terrorists fighting?”

“Paid to notice.”

“Not safe in any country.”

“Sorry Alex, but for once this isn’t about you.”

“Took credit, like they always do.”

“How’s it supposed to end for me?”

Will talks too much. Ryan is the worst, he erodes his relationships. This season has ever-decreasing success. Harry and Will don’t seem to address their hook-up, beyond a snaky remark. Harry speaks in an apparently supportive tone. TPTB play obscurity for depth. There is no haunting pervasive anxiety over who to trust. Harry is an incomparable ass, who TPTB assure us has worldly smarts.
Harry and Sebastian’s ‘feud’ is all insinuations and harassment. Harry is an ass.

Dayana gets Leon tossed out of CIA training. Harry makes a long, long, long, pointless speech that isn’t laceratingly honest. Get him off the damn show. Leon knows what Dayana did. Harry causes death and near death. Will vanishes. This ep was wretched. Harry rages. WTF is TPTB’s obsession with him? There is stark resentment and a dumb reveal. Sebastian gets violent with Harry. What is the weird room? There is bad VFX and Ryan’s an idiot. WTF is going on? Lydia causes drama.

Best Lines:
“What are they working towards?”

“Of course you got away with it.”

“AIC, what a stupid nickname!”

Harry is flippant. Ryan smugs. Why wasn’t Sebastian thrown out for attacking Harry? Ryan says there is no AIC and works hard to discourage Alex. Marcia Cross and Henry Czerny guest star. The wash out author is mentioned. Ryan has a complete unwillingness to see sense. There is no incentive to care about this ep. Shelby has moral concerns. TPTB think Harry is utterly endearing, he’s not.

There is connivance. This ep is unintentionally annoying. Owen’s NSA mission comes back to bite him. There is co-dependent violence and Alex harnesses all the rage. Owen went to jail for taking the fall for Lydia. Dayana and Will lurk. Where is Alex’s mother? Sebastian strikes back at Harry. This is not unforgettable, spellbinding or darkly suspenseful. This was not unsettling or unexpected or dark, harrowing or unpredictable.

Harry spews bile in ruinous fashion. This ep is a catastrophic failure. What is TPTB’s obsession with Harry? Russell Tovey is ruining season 2, he’s exacting. He talks on and on and on and on and on and on. Harry forgives Sebastian?!? Harry the lying creepy sexual harasser?!? Lydia throws Alex out of CIA training. So what is Alex’s job now?

Who was the body in the house? Miranda spews exposition. The murdered FLOTUS was AIC? The show undergoes a reboot. Lydia revels in her crapulence, she and Alex brawl. Dayana suddenly isn’t evil. WTF? Dayana, Miranda and the non evil twin skip free as the hostage situation is over. There is a time jump. Alex, Shelby, Ryan and Dayana are called to the White House to form a unit to fight the AIC. Is Sebastian dead? Where is Leon? WTF?

Best Lines:
“Last trip before she can’t travel.”

“Unable to serve anywhere but a desk.”

“I’ve worked with Lydia the past 6 months; she’s been trustworthy to me.”
“No offence, but weren’t you Liam O’Connor’s best friend?”

“Classic pivot.”

“Suicide by paranoia.”

“Become what you’re hunting.”

“Who’s coming for us.”

“The AIC is the hand of a much larger body.”

“You can’t stop what’s coming.”

“They take credit for everything.”

Philip stares into the middle distance whilst wearing an obvious wig and looking constipated. Philip and Elizabeth are assigned to hunt a Nazi collaborator. They also learn the real name of the doomed doctor from season 4. Henry wanders around the FBI doing an article for the school paper, he sees the mail robot. This was not a totemic ep. The Nazi collaborator receives a lot of hostility.

Philip and Elizabeth have found a way to normalise their lives. Stan and Oleg continue their campaigns of intrusion. There is moral superiority and Stan talks about his paranoia. Obvious wigs are worn. This was okay, leaving aside the bad acting as the Nazi collaborator’s story is revealed. There is death, shooting and crying.

Best Lines:
“You look like your wife decided not to leave you.”

“What do you do in there?”
“Secret stuff.”

“Acoustic shielding.”

“Getting treatment for a venereal disease which she got from sleeping with too many Nazi officers.”

“Scream, you’ll die here.”

“The person you thought I was.”

I’m In If You Are
Sadie is smug as she is totally supportive of her angry murderous boyfriend Billy. Awful people smug. The ex-con screams at an idiot. Morons prance in court. Billy menaced a teacher at his boarding school and beat up a pizza delivery guy, Sadie shrugs this off. Billy’s arrogance trips him up in court. This show renounces sense as Sadie has incandescent rage that her murderous boyfriend could go to jail and she won’t get sexed up by him anymore. People fawn over Sadie’s imprisoned mother. Go away Katherine Heigl!

Best Lines:
“The impermanence of life.”

“Failure of masculinity.”

“Did the pig people call you?”

“Our corrupt DA narrative.”

“Bought herself a prosecution.”


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