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A Very English Scandal (2018) 1x01 + Supergirl 3x15 Reviewed

A Very English Scandal (2018) 1x01
This BBC1 true story drama stars Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw and views itself with unabashed reverence. It begins in 1965 and there are captions and Thorpe (Grant) sneers and is scurrilous and ethically moribund and gurning and has sadistic contempt. There is sexism and Patricia Hodge is in this. Russell T Davies wrote it.

Thorpe defies the social order and is a theatrical villain with accepted loudness and yet is pro-immigration and pro-EEC. He has however an ex named Norman (Whishaw) who he met 4 years ago. Thorpe recounts the story of their relationship via flashback.
Norman is introduced via some unironic shirtless stable ladding. Thorpe has undeniable wit and intelligence whilst Norman is shambolically unreliable with unclear mental health issues and a thing for drugs. This is low emotional impact. This is not a memorable spectacle of emotional catharsis. This lacks erotic urgency and is undistinguished.

A year after he and Norman met, Norman showed up again wanting favours. Characters are defined only by the situations they face. This was not shocking or satisfying. Norman has a dog and was devoured by notions. Thorpe is gleefully repellent with robust distain for rules. There is no grim intensity. Thorpe went from being infatuated with Norman to viewing him as an object of ire.

Everyone acts with a touch of theatre. Norman necks pills and this lacks any sense of unpredictability or danger. This is gut-wrenchingly awful. Thorpe gets married and becomes leader of the Liberal party. Norman messes up. Davies tries for culturally charged moments. A faint air of menace comes off Thorpe. Norman has a psychological implosion. Thorpe plans to kill Norman, just give the man the National Identification Card he wants and he’ll go away.

Best Lines:
“My whippet.”

“Keep it discreet.”

“Gone a little bit wrong.”

“Your mother read this?”

“Rather nice houses.”
“Not down that end.”

Shelter From The Storm
This was good as Reign causes consternation. Kara is an enemymaker. Reign ends up being captured eventually due to Lena but Kara doesn’t apologise for her lies and ill-treatment of Lena. She’s too busy fawning over Mon-El.

Kara breeds resentment and goes on about her cape tricks. Mon-El obsesses over Kara. Winn is a periodic annoyance, who collects dirt. Cape tricks? FFS! Ruby learns Reign is her mother, due to Alex’s lies and stupidity. Kara’s trenchant criticism of Lena goes on and on. Ruby’s a moron. A magic book is stolen.

Winn has no-homo panic. Imra faces unendurable despair due to her non-committal husband. Everyone at the DEO knows Kara is Supergirl, why doesn’t she tell Lena? Reign menaces and Kara was too busy drooling over Mon-El to protect the city. Kara doesn’t trust Lena and sneers and has a superiority complex.

Alex obsesses over Ruby. Lex has an invisible mansion. Lena is embittered due to Kara’s contentious treatment, wilful distortion of facts and her fundamental disrespect and distain. Lena has to know Kara is Supergirl. Kara should do some self-repudiation. Does anyone care about Lena’s emotional suffering? Kara is ridicule filled.

Mon-El is a needless presence and he is incredibly uninteresting. He’s contemptible and Kara’s open adoration of him is poorly received. Reign takes cruel delight in her actions. Kara stomps around acting like a fascist. Who is Ruby’s father? Who is the annoying woman at Lex’s mansion? Reign kills her mother; it’s a total rip-off of the Han Solo/Kylo Ren scene in ‘Force Awakens’. The Legion are scum. Mon-El is inwardly contemptuous of his wife. His marriage wasn’t taken seriously on any level by him or Kara.

Mon-El and Kara have a silent conspiracy to homewreck. Imra arse-licks Mon-El and sends him back to Kara so he can choose who he loves. She is his wife not a hook-up. Where is Superman? James thinks Kara will be grateful for Lena’s help. Kara is spectacularly ungrateful and thankless and she is wary of Lena and makes morbid implications whilst revealing in Mon-El’s suddenly acquired unabashed reverence of her.

Alex is an asocial liar. Kara is sure she’s morally right. Where is Max Lord? Kara casts moral judgement. Kara is stripped of all affection or warmth toward Lena. J’onn and his father bore. Imra heads home having noticed Mon-El and Kara’s movements. Kara spits abuse at Lena and has wilfulness and furious hostility and cold indignation and makes intensifying threats. Kara is all moral decay.

Kara is an increasingly troublesome bitch and ungrateful and she has a god complex. I hope this is leading to something. Sam and Ruby have an annoying answerphone message. There is a dumb fight scene with cape tricks and Reign’s mask gets knocked off, somehow that has never happened before. Kara is all righteous rage. Lena has lived in a hotel for 2 years in case the city rejected her. Everyone lies to her and Kara has neglectful disregard for her. When will Kara realise trust is a two way street? Lena sprayed Reign in the face with kryptonite, I hope she does the same to Kara.

Best Lines:
“I can never trust her again.”

“Titan alliance.”

“Shall we embrace?”


“Creepy decor.”

“I became the enemy.”
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