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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Tremors’ TV show promo
The ad for this failed pilot starring Kevin Bacon looks okay. Apart from Bacon who looks old.

Best Line:
“Nothing works here!”

‘13 Reasons Why’ promo
Hannah drama-queens some more.

‘Destination Wedding’ trailer
Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder star in a romantic comedy with their blank expressions and dry delivery.

Best Line:
“Oh dear god be quiet.”

‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ promo
Teens, murders, secrets and no.

Best Line:
“Someone is about to snap and kill.”

‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’ trailer
There is action, babble about suffering and attacks. Who is the baddie? Ethan is outright hostile. There is a fight in a bathroom, an observer and Ethan is told not to go rogue. He’s gone rogue so often, I’m amazed it took this long for repercussions. The plot is all deliciously vague. Henry Cavill fights, people get run over, knives are waved and Ethan jumps out a window. There is simmering resentment and stuff blows up.

Best Lines:
“You’ve lost this one.”

“I’m jumping out a window.”

“I prefer a hammer.”

Bohemian Rhapsody’ trailer
Gurning, staring, ugly clothes, music, a cat, bad hair, big teeth and Live Aid. Mmmm.

Best Line:
“6 bloody minutes.”

‘Elementary’ promo

‘Deadpool 2’ TV spot
“Luck isn’t a super power!”

‘Once Upon A Time’ promo

Jelly party mix - yum.
Duck liver pate with Armagnac & prunes - yum.
Aloe Vera lychee drink - yum.
Garlic Aioli with Sicilian lemon - okay.
Steak burger - nice.
Super chunky peanut butter - yum.
Rosemary & garlic roast potatoes - yum.

I won’t review ‘SEAL Team’ 1x09 ‘Rolling Dark’.

Bonnie McKee sucks.

Emmer is an ancient precursor of wheat?

Who saw ‘Untamed Heart’ or ‘The Right Stuff’ (1983)?

A 1665 bride pye had live birds or a snake in it?

What are activated almonds?

A ‘Pennyworth’ show?

I’d try sheep’s milk ice-cream.

A ‘Lando’ movie?

The ‘Charmed’ reboot got a full series order?

Interesting stories about the ‘NCIS’ set.

‘The Martian’ Quotes:
“Just discovered dirt.”

“Don’t dig up the big box of plutonium.”

“50 million miles away from home.”

“Alert and undistracted.”

“He may be prone; we don’t want to step over him.”

“Four years until a manned mission can reach me.”

“On a planet where nothing grows.”

“Have complex astro-physical engineering conversations using nothing but a stilt frame camera from 1996.”

“You want to send him into space under a tarp?”

"Thrust vector."

"Let's go Iron Man."

"Maybe it's not the worst idea."

‘HollywoodReporter’ Quotes:
“Feel like your life is more important than everyone else’s.”

“Alternative sources of wisdom.”

“Rational inquiry.”

“Drive up and immediately see the wealth.”

“Excommunicated from her life.”

“Sorrowful email lamenting her response.”

“Preached the virtues of marijuana-enhanced sex, especially with him.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Thought process.”

“Capricious assertiveness.”

“Irretrievably lost.”

“Venting bile.”

“For some reason, it was difficult to remove the persona non grata thing.”

“Chain of causation.”

“Remembrance culture.”


“Primarily composed of footage of Danny Dyer furiously bawling “I’M DOING ME NUT!” into a Wetherspoon’s toilet mirror.”

“The need to react to the latest public outrage.”

“Moral sanction.”

“Strong clan networks.”

“Cultural dark ages.”

“The outrage meter is broken.”

“Contribute to harm.”

“The Prince of Wales, morbidly obese, picking his teeth with a fork and surrounded by medication for venereal disease.”

“Sullying their contemplative world.”

‘Aertel’ Quote:
“Without the offer of employment.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Claiming him as her own.”

“Emotional weight.”

“Procreating like there is no tomorrow.”

“Eating up shrubs.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Questioning my sources’ knowledge, motives or very existence.”

“Writing open letters of opposition to whoever is in power.”

“Who no longer exists and seems to have no desire to.”

“Famous for putting actresses in bikinis, - if you went shopping, or to get a coffee, or even to a funeral, you wore a bikini, for reasons unknown.”

“Aspirational thrift.”

“Where you live in a construct that is interdependent with others.”

“Mistress-swamped creatures of voluptuary indulgence.”

“Petulant, bloated, waddling creature devoted to gratifying needy appetites.”

“The more the country saw of the Prince Regent the less it liked him.”

“Devoid of meaningful definition.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Judgemental towns.”

“Would not be deterred by casualties.”

“Social calamity.”

“Conformed to the social norms.”

“She’s from Dublin and had the English stations growing up.”

“Be in significantly worse trouble.”

“George acceded, paving the way for his daughter Elizabeth, on his death in 1952, to assume the throne - where she remains ever since.”

“Social reasons.”

“Being brought home by the guards every day.”

“Reassigned agreement.”

“Men have futures that must be protected at all costs and women have pasts that need to be dissected for signs of wrongdoing.”

“Legally reconstructed.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Alternative means of resolution.”

‘Quietus’ Quotes:
“Crow-pecked earth.”

“As Meloku hoped, her landlords died.”

“Householders threw family member’s corpses into the gondolas on pain of arrest.”

“University settlements, bored into the side of the continent-spanning super volcano.”

‘American Housewife’ Quotes:
“I’ll throw the frozen washcloth at you.”
“Not Senor Freezy!”

“Something non-hospicey.”

“Tear the heads off their favourite stuffies.”

“Watch you make poor choices.”

‘Meerkat Manor’ Quotes:
“Rallying call.”

“Never be allowed to return.”

‘Let’s Get Physical’ Quotes:
“Buy my cell-phones at gas stations.”

“Smells like ketchup and desperation.”

“Like a community theatre production in a halfway house.”

“Unflattering emojiis.”

“We’re not going to speak of that again.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“All my radio loudmouths tell me to hate that.”

“Brooding TV dramas about teenagers getting killed.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Glenn treats Grace with astonishing intransigence. Cleo is pestilential. Sienna’s NOT dead. Nico steals Sienna’s baby. Warren lurks.

Best Lines:
“Dog ugly.”

“I’m not having it!”
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