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Movie Review: Sinister 2 (2015)

The idiot deputy from the 1st film returns. A single mother and her 2 idiot sons face danger. This unspectacular sequel was not widely loved. The idiot deputy tries to project the air of a deep thinker. There is demystification and this was faintly ridiculous. Blumhouse movies can be met with a level of expectation that is unmatched. The mother shrieks and annoys and doom is foretold. There is desperate rage, evil home movies and no persistent allure or cataclysmic events  or melancholy reverie. This was not wrenchingly moving or delightful inanity, just singularly unpleasant. Ghost kids lurk with malign intent and this was all incredibly dull and done with  ill-judged sincerity and earnestness.

Best Lines:
“Supposed to get sugar, that’s the whole point of cereal!”

“Are aware of the incident.”
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