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5 TV Reviews

Timeless 2x07

Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
In 1919 suffragettes protest to a barrage of sexist responses. Rufus sneers and is stupid. Is Lucy the lost wife of Flynn? Wyatt warns Flynn off Lucy. Wyatt is an ass to Flynn. Rufus is thick and Rittenhouse sabotage women’s right to vote. Wyatt is a moron.

The gang of idiots look up an investigator. Flynn is called Hans Gruber. Wyatt goes all Nice Guy on Lucy. Emma annoys Flynn and Rufus. Wyatt is consumed by fury that Lucy and Flynn may have done the deed. People travel through time without considering the consequences. Does Emma finally have uneasiness with what Rittenhouse is doing?

Lucy is surprised at the vehemence of the female investigator’s objection to the suffragette movement. The weekly social tourism in the past is tiresome now. The new baddie is not just culturally conservative but boring too. There is death. Wyatt whines and Lucy has had it. TPTB seem to hint that Rittenhouse caused the election of Donald Trump. Jessica is Rittenhouse, like duh. This bored.

Best Lines:
“Clean your house”

“Make Germany great again.”

“Wearing a watch no bell-hop could afford.”

“I’ll Ally McBeal and this is Johnnie Cochrane.”

“Your little psycho feelings.”

Level 9 (2000-2001) 1x01

Mail Call
This forgotten UPN show starred Kate Hodge and later on Max Martini. I wasn’t expecting serious tension. This was terrible incoherence and I’ve incuriosity to see more. This was not human or relatable. I immediately disliked it. People with guns run around. This had naff opening credits and people mush mouth about the US Marshals. This was badly lit as people look for a missing woman.

Leslie Hope and Willie Garson guest star. I’ve no idea what is going on this show or why. There are caricatures and lumpy dialogue. No narrative information is supplied and there is no social need for this. No wonder this was cancelled. Even ‘Freedom’ or ‘Freakylinks’ were better than this.

Best Lines:
“Unknown and unnamed.”

“You hacked into NASA for this?”

Quantico 2x04-2x06

What are the baddies planning? The baddies want a hacker. The baddies are nicknamed AIC - so very dumb. I refuse to use it. Things are fraught. Sebastian is all respectability. Ryan is not purposeful. There is no intellectual precision. Alex can speak Swahili. Henry Czerny guest stars. Harry thinks he is all shrewd calculation. There are shirtless workouts. Leon is lied to. Miranda and her purple lipstick harasses a punk.

Alex is not liked. Nobody has a constructive attitude. Alex acts ill-advisedly. Ryan treats Alex badly and lies. Harry causes consternation. This was not a substantive ep. Harry has a cartoonish sneer on his face. Owen and Ryan cause Alex manic fretful unease. Shelby wears ill-advised nude coloured trousers. This ep disimproves. What is Leigh up to? There is death.

Best Lines:
“Stop what comes next.”

“That’s the last time I do that for 2 bucks.”

“It wasn’t supposed to go this far.”

Harry shags Will. Alex and Ryan are painfully stupid. Harry annoys. This lacks real profundity. Russell Tovey is an unrelenting assault on viewers. There is corpse defilement. This ep renders viewers unhappy. I can’t stand Harry, the salacious twit. This is a less considered ep. Owen bothers a journalist. There are flashbacks within flashbacks. Alex gets aid. Who retired Owen? He can’t leave the country. Harry claims to be MI6. What is Will up to? Harry annoys with soul destroying persistence.

Best Lines:
“National nightmare.”

“He spent time in a cartel prison.”

“Wear clothes you don’t care about.”

“Endorsement card.”

“All out there. Lying in wait for me.”

“Real spies ask for hard stuff.”

In the now, it is clear that none of the CIA trainees became CIA agents. Alex remembers Simon. Shelby and Leon hook up. In the then, the CIA trainees have to plan a drone strike. Lydia annoys disproportionately and says the attack is all about computer drives.
In the now Sebastian hates Harry. Lydia threw Alex out of the CIA. Owen is in Federal Prison?!? Facts are furiously contested. Harry is really awful. When did he and Sebastian have their falling out? Harry is ethically wrong. The annoyance Harry causes is not abating.

Ryan doesn’t listen to Alex and acts deplorably. Why do the twins not work together any more? What’s up with Caleb? Who is he again? This season isn’t always to the viewers delight. SHUT UP Harry. People babble about moral etiquette. Harry acts coercively. People babble about a moral case. What is Lydia hiding? SHUT UP Harry. A baddie grabs Leigh. Why? Shelby whines. There is death and a reveal. I did not like this.

Best Lines:
Live with it and its consequences.”

“The dreams that didn’t come true.”

The Americans 5x10

Everyone is wretchedly unhappy. Pasha is bullied and Philip and Elizabeth think this is good. Paige spies on Pastor Tim. Oleg broods. Philip and Elizabeth decide Pastor Tim has to go and go for good. Paige learns Pastor Tim is a liar. Elizabeth has to manage and control and soothe and weave stories and charm. This was not a blisteringly candid depiction of the Cold War. There is a flashback with bad wigs. Philip and Elizabeth get married for real. This bored.

Best Line:
“Doesn’t know how to defeat the trap.”

Doubt 1x10

Sadie runs to her ‘daddy’ to get away with her lies. Billy’s trial starts. A teenager is in trouble. Billy’s creepy unrepentant mother reveals where he got his murdering ways from. Sadie interferes and gets her own way, again. Sadie rips into Billy’s sister to save her lover. Billy rants about moral responsibility. This was crap.
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