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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘New Amsterdam’ trailer
This new Ryan Eggold medical drama seems to have nothing new. But it has Ryan Eggold. Wasn’t there a show already called this? Eggold’s shaved his hair off and has vocal distain for the system. There is Ebola and a foster kid. Did I see Tyler Labine? Eggold’s character is sick. I am sorta intrigued.

‘13 Reasons Why’ clip
Hannah drama-queens.

‘Supergirl’ 3x19 promo
James’ secret is out and there is violence.

‘Westworld’ 2x05 promo
Maeve is in samurai-world?

‘King Lear’ promo
On BBC2, mmmm.

‘Once Upon A Time’ promo

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Adam goes full thug.

‘Once Upon A Time’ promo

Who saw ‘Corinna, Corinna’ or ‘Sisters’ (1973) or ‘Enter The Void’ or ‘Moonstruck’ (1987) or ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ (1979) or ‘16 Blocks’ (2006) or ‘Murder At 1600’ (1997) or ‘Apocalypto’ (2007) or ‘21’ (2008) or ‘The White Countess’ (2005) or ‘A Good Year’ (2006) or ‘Bonfire of The Vanities’ (1990)?

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ renewed. How?

‘Meet The Parents’ (2000) was deeply annoying as was ‘Tin Cup’ (1996). ‘Idiocracy’ (2006) was prophecy. ‘Superman II’ (1980) was okay.

‘Gotham’ renewed. Why?

There is aqueous parsley? WTF is horseradish snow? I’d try apple chilli jelly.

I won’t review ‘Gotham’ 4x06 ‘Hog Day Afternoon’.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Selling it all over the place.”

“Just the sight of her makes me want to slap her.”

“Sniffs me.”

‘Meerkat Manor’ Quotes:
“Mate guarding.”

“May not be the daddy.”

‘Innocent’ Quote:
“Teen on teen crimes.”

‘Raw’ Quotes:
“Do you have any idea how much power I have in this city?!?”

“I blame you!”

“Career decisions!”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The days bleed into weeks, the weeks seep into months and the months normalise into years,”

“Resident support tortoise.”

“Invited misunderstandings.”

“Threat to the husband’s love for them.”

“Implies a level of strategic thinking they scarcely warrant.”

“Betrayal narrative.”

“Poster child for the excesses of the 1960s.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Viewed as a demographic threat.”

“Final inability to be great.”

“Her inability, necessary to the narrative, to spot that only a pair of classes and a spandex bodysuit distinguished Clark from Superman.”

“Removal action.”

“Ethical outcry.”


“Farmed by the phases of the moon.”

“Ageing their wines in clay pots buried underground to keep them cool as their predecessors did in ancient Rome.”

“A lot of hostility in the room.”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Inherently implausible.”

“Fair and reasonable decision.”

‘Nightmare Pets SOS’ Quote:
“A cat that peed in our toaster.”

‘The Windsors’ Quotes:
“Grunter...shag monster...Lord pissbucket...Sir dirtshoot.”

“Do you think the zoo would let me fight a leopard?”


“I’m incredibly dull and stupid.”

“Unstructured conversation.”


“I’m already married. To my allotment.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Nico is ALIVE? WTF? She kills Sienna? WTF? Where is Dodger? Joel overacts and forgets he isn’t a priest. Maxine cries. Why? Cleo is selfish and horrible and awful. This is all done with complete seriousness. Joel is sick of Cleo and her drama. There are no narrative possibilities. Cleo only loves taken men like Nathan and Joel.

Best Lines:
“The holy Angel.”

“Your ugly ugly jealously!”
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