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Book Reviews: Such Things May Be, part 1 + Savage Island + The Blue Bear Mystery

Such Things May Be: Collected Writings by James Wade, part 1
A 500 plus page collection of the man’s decades long career. Has 3 introductions and a silly cover.

Full Cycle
From 1955, this very short tale is cretinous.

Final Decree
This is a sexist tale that in 2 pages involves sexual violence and is flat and boring and offensive.

The Elevator
From 1971, a foul sexist man boards a lift to hell. Or something. This is a vaguely racist tale that is contrived, clunky and ludicrous. This is a misogynistic mess.

Best Line:
“I am not at all sure that there would be any way of keeping her out.”

Snow In The City
From 1970, this shambolic incompetence tries for a bleak atmosphere and shabby moral compromise. It is not disconcerting, profoundly unsettling or a tale of maddening ennui. It just lacks substance or sense.

Best Line:
“Slum-born cunning.”

The Pursuer
From 1980, a man is convinced he’s being stalked. Nobody cares and this is okay.

Best Line:
“I can’t imagine what would happen if I did, but it would be very awful.”

In this good story from 1972, a toddler has an imaginary friend. The toddler throws things into the toilet for his friend. His parents dismiss his stories with pompous grandiosity. The supernatural proof father soon gets fatal confirmatory proof of the truth of his son’s stories. Oops.

Best Line:
“Orange-colored monsters without heads that comes out of the john!”

Savage Island by Bryony Pearce
From the publisher who gave us the good ‘Flesh and Blood’ and the inept ‘Fir’ comes this exasperating tiresomeness about teenagers competing in a geocaching competition on a remote island. This jumps around in time, details a parasitical sibling relationship and a mother with no fond affection. This was atrocious and is banal and not emotionally investing, interesting, relevant or with purpose. This was a boring tale of wilful selfishness.

Best Lines:
“Who’d pull out their own tooth to sabotage another team?”
“Someone we don’t want to run into.”

“It was my ninth birthday. My stegosaurus cake was in crumbly green pieces on the kitchen floor and Dad was sitting at the table, blood running from a cut above his eyebrow. Mum was disarming Will. He had the cake knife.”

The Famous Five And The Blue Bear Mystery by Enid Blyton
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