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Supergirl 3x17 + Innocent (2018) 1x01 + Quan2co 2x01-2x03 + Law & Order: SVU 19x20 Reviewed

Where is Superman? Kara has an inability to see the harm of her actions. Lena faces righteous indignation. Kara sneers and has a sense of ill will toward Lena. James ensures bad results by following Kara’s demand that he break into Lena’s vault. Lex has been in jail for years. Winn babbles. This ep is all irrelevant content. Mon-El is fawned over by Kara in front of his wife. Mon-El babbles to fake Hank that he cares for Kara and gets a hug. FFS.

Imra might as well be chopped liver for all anyone cares or all that she matters in this ep. Maybe instead of Lena being the big bad of season 4, Imra will be. There is an eclipse caused by the worldkillers. There is a trip to an alternate dimension and the vindictive Kara is a grievance factory.

Lena has only ever been an ally to the good guys but they treat her badly and make it obvious they don’t trust her. Kara is a right snot and when given the chance to tell Lena her true identity, ignores the chance and more or less calls Lena: Luthor scum. I’m sure she’ll end up regretting that. Alex, Kara and the DEO act like all the evil Kryptonians who ran around causing havoc never happened. Where is Max Lord? Is he in a DEO cell? Where did he go?

Winn and James planned to break into Lena’s vault. James didn’t break into the vault. The Legion bore. There is bad acting and sap. Lena flies the Legion ship perfectly well. There is a dumb fight scene. So much for being sisters, the worldkillers turn on each other. Alex bores. Kara needs a slap. She and Winn and everyone else doubting Lena need a beating. James tells Lena he was always looking for a reason to distrust her. TPTB steal whole plotlines from ‘Smallville’.

James tells Lena he is Guardian. Is that still a thing? He also tells her Supergirl asked him to break into the vault. Poor Lena, only there on sufferance. Reign decides to kill Ruby. This was not decisive and was full of Kara’s wrong assertions and a thoroughly misunderstood Lena. This was meticulously terrible.

Best Lines:
“What’s your real name?”
“That’s not a great question for a Luthor to ask someone in my family.”

“Walk like way far back.”

“You’ve always been nothing.”

“I am death and I choose you first!”

Innocent (2018) 1x01
After a failed third trial for the murder of his wife Tara, a man is released to the horror of his in-laws. The scumbag rants on the court step about liars and revenge and wanting his kids back and the real killer. Yeah, he comes across as real innocent. He’s only out on a technicality. The case is to be re-investigated. His kids react badly and cannot act.

The man’s brother campaigned to get him out. The dead woman’s sister Alice is shocked by all that has gone on. The female cop reassigned to investigate is the girlfriend of the original investigating officer. Alice and her husband have special guardianship of the children, they’re not adopted. Alice and her husband fear the special guardianship could be revoked.

The scumbag attacks a guy screaming about his innocence. Why isn’t the obviously guilty nut job arrested? The man wants his kids back, he doesn’t know them. There are domestic abuse allegations. Various characters lurk.

The man’s ex BFF calls him a liar, Alice and Tara’s parents wonder, the female cop learns about a fight Tara had and nobody wants the ex-con around. The man breaks into his ex-BFF’s house and menaces him and accuses him of having sex with his dead wife. He’s obviously guilty! Why isn’t he arrested? Where is the missing son? This was terrible; I won’t bother with the rest of it.

Best Lines:
“You have no friends.”

“She did pretty well out of Tara’s murder.”

There is a G20 summit about ending global surveillance. There is then and now non-linear storytelling. Alex obsesses over a should be dead author. Mysterious post its are handed out. Alex is called in for CIA training and she and her idiot boyfriend Ryan have issues. Someone carries out malign activities. Ryan whines and Russell Tovey is in this. Groan. Alex is still FBI and is a mole in the CIA. Blair Underwood is in this as a CIA trainer.

Henry Czerny guest stars. Ryan and Alex have teenage dramatics in the then. In the now dark stuff is happening on the ground. Alex is emotionally upset in the now and in the then Alex and Ryan must look out for a sinisterly complicit conspiracy. The title card is changed. Tovey does an odd US accent. In the then, Alex befriends Lydia. The instructor Owen (Underwood of ‘The Event’) does a gruff deep voice. In the now, there is a hostage situation. This ep was inexpedient.

The POTUS and FLOTUS are in peril during the hostage situation. Who are the bad guys? Why are the baddies dressed like Deathstroke? Ryan takes a malevolent delight in being annoying. Lydia turns out to be not so nice. There are theatrical impulses. How did the writer supposedly die? WTF is going on? Why did someone jump out a window? Why did Alex and Ryan’s engagement end? There is a shock ending to this ep.

Best Lines:
“Laws have been passed, rightfully.”

“Own nefarious agenda.”

“Stare right back. Everyone else is.”

“Ever damaged government property?”
“Does peeing in Central Park count?

Does nobody notice Alex running around the hostage situation? Miranda has a gentleman friend. What is going on inside the crisis zone? The hostages are in peril. In the then CIA trainee Harry (Tovey) is a yob and Sebastian is a goody two shoes and Leon is hot. Dayana is boring. People glower. Alex is billy no mates in the then. Shelby stands around in the now and MI6 lurk.

There is moral conscientiousness. The baddies are very well prepared. An NYPD cop tells of an emergency bunker. There are no morally flawless people. What are the baddies strident demands? There are critiques of season 1. Alex has a permanent need to impress people. There is some mesmerising ambiguity. This lacks the laser intensity of season 1. This was okay. I’ve only the vaguest idea of what is going on. Alex has emotional injury and what is Miranda up to?

Best Lines:
“6 CIA operatives don’t just end up in the same place without a reason.”

“Grabbing attention.”

“Former guest of the prison system.”
“Which one?”

“Former FBI agent who couldn’t spot a terrorist under his nose for years?”

“Quantico crisis.”

Is Alex’s assumed relationship with Miranda a lie? Why are the baddies embracing mayhem? What about Alex and her mother? In the then, a new recruit called Leigh shows up. Harry is nicknamed the Kingsman. Owen is Lydia’s dad. Ryan and Alex have admittedly good intentions in the then. The FBI want to bug the CIA in the then and no favourable outcomes seem possible.

There is no moral framework and it doesn’t seem like there is much press attention or reaction to an attack of such magnitude. Alex and Ryan’s CIA mission was a failure. People are unexpectedly complex. Alex runs around unnoticed. Logic is continually refuted. Leigh is a Shelby clone. Alex is in peril.

In the now Raina is one of the hostages, Nimeh is Ryan’s handler in the then and Lucas and Lydia are connected. Ryan makes a lady friend in Dayana who walks through the woods in heels in the then. In the now, how do the baddies know about Alex? What happened with Harry? In the then, Leon reveals he went into prison by choice and there is a sciario mention.

This was good. How did Leon get out of jail? Lydia rants about Owen screwing up. What is Lydia in on? In the then, the FBI learn the CIA have already been bugged. Alex drops a body through a skylight. What did Alex do the woman she fought and who was she?

Best Lines:
No one’s dead yet.”

“Nobody as good as I am.”

“Leon likes to talk.”
“No, he doesn’t.”
“Maybe not to you.”

“He went to a cartel prison on a mission to do good.”

The Book Of Esther
A girl escapes from her home and Rollins helps her. They uncover a family of religious nutters. There is a siege and disaster. This was overwrought.

Best Lines:
“Burn in hell if you wear your skirt above your knee.”

“Self-righteous creep.”

“Playing the devil’s games.”
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