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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Gotham’ 4x22 promo

‘The Predator’ trailer
Another reboot? Or a sequel? There is a moppet, the military, aliens and increasingly aimlessness.

Best Line:
“We’re assassins. Isn’t posing a threat kind of the point?”

‘Book Club’ TV spot

‘This Is Us’ promo

‘Quantico’ 2x03 promo

‘This Is Us’ promo

Milk chocolate with cocoa nibs & a touch of Hawaiian black salt - okay.
Fudgealicious - yum.
Extra fine dark choc - yum.
Mature Irish cheddar - yum.
Godiva Dark chocolate with orange and ginger flavour - yum.

Meaghan Markle was in ‘Fringe’ season 2 as the FBI agent Amy who was in 2 episodes and seemed to be becoming a regular but vanished never to be mentioned again.

‘Blindspot’ renewed?

What is arctic roll?

Who saw ‘Nowhere To Run’ (1993)?

Recall curly wurly?

‘Locked Up’ was uncancelled.

RIP Margot Kidder.

Jean thongs are a thing?

I may review ‘Krypton’.

Who recalls the ‘The Sunday Tribune’ or ‘The Irish Press’?

‘Meerkat Manor’ Quotes:
“Mobbing calls.”

“Violent burrow raids.”

‘RAW IS WAR’ Quote:
“Not somebody that poses for girly magazines. By they way I don’t think it was a girly magazine!”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Late-life-crisis plays.”

“Isn’t as nearly well known as he should be.”

“Air was thick with accusation.”

“The adoration of the skyline.”

“The enfant from whom all other terrible have flowed.”

“Only commies like it,”

“How bitterly he hates his old flames, the US and advertising.”

“Scandinavia’s maddest murderers seem endlessly imaginative in terms of motive and means,”

“Rather nicer than he was.”


“Cultural responses to cultural responses.”

“A call for pregnant women in the vicinity to spread-eagle themselves on the airport runway to prevent his plane from landing.”

“Assault on his reputation.”

“Paid-for dates.”

“How unwelcome female filmmakers are there.”

“Kill-ready stance.”

‘The Royal Wives Of Windsor’ Quotes:
“You look at Wallis Simpson and you think: why bother?”

“Topless picture fiasco.”

‘Warehouse 13’ Quote:
“Nice security in this place.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“What you said started an allegation.”

“Not be a liar.”

“You are so evil.”

“Be done.”

‘Sword Of Destiny’ Quote:
Prefer the company of lepers to that of a witcher.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Moral surveillance.”

“Moral consequences.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Live with the consequences.”

“Criminal thuggery.”

“Designed to cause tension.”
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