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Batman: White Knight 8 Review

Nobody shows any concern for Jack Napier’s mental illness. After being shamed, Batman is now taking part in an attack on neo-Joker. Cue ground and pound fight scenes, designing minx neo Joker being defeated and Jack Napier driving the bat mobile. Clayface is angry, Batman looks like he slept on a park bench and this isn’t really consequential. But a calculating intellect was behind it all.

Batman seems to have shrugged off his luminous self pity and hostile reactions. He is still a toxic individual with a constant need for public attention and affirmation. This isn’t an unforgiving reckoning. What happened to Nightwing? Did the baddies die? This is an angst fest about deeply unstable people. It’s still better than ‘Justice League: No Justice’.

Jack Napier goes back to Arkham for whatever. What did Jack Napier mean that he learned about the Joker in his old Arkham cell?
Batman seems to recognise and regret the consequences of his actions. This was fabulously deranged. Jack Napier and Harley marry. Is it legal with him being crazy and all? Joker cracks up. Neo Joker is locked up.

What did Alfred leave for Bruce to find? Mr Freeze’s wife is recovered and awake. Batman decides it’s time for more nuanced conversation. While this was never less than far-fetched, I enjoyed it.

Best Lines:
“I want to show that cosplay Jokerette how to swallow all of her teeth.”

“And all the bruises that come with it!”

“You’re trusting me with the bat-mobile?!”

“That once upon a time you fell in love with an abusive...loveless...serial killer.”

“I enjoy hurting criminals.”

“It’s vindication to be as brutal as I want. And that made criminals like the Joker even worse.”
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