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Movie Reviews: Red Sparrow + 2 others

Red Sparrow (2018)
People have chilling intentions toward Jennifer Lawrence in this film full of faux intellectual posturing and awful decisions. Dominika is a ballerina until she gets her leg horribly broken by a rival. Meanwhile CIA agents plot. Jeremy Irons looms. There are cod Russian accents. Dominika beats up the 2 losers who caused her accident with her cane.

Dominika’s uncle is a spy boss and pimps her out. To keep her apartment and her mother’s medical care, she goes along with it. There is a lot of T&A in this gloriously silly film which is unsparing and unsentimental. Dominika is all plaintive earnestness. It is hinted that her uncle is a creepy perv. Dominika is sent off to spy school and faces hardened circumstances. Charlotte Rampling is her instructor at spy school.

Dominika is trained in seduction, lock picking and psychological manipulation as a Sparrow. They have to watch porn and become the missing piece of their target. A fellow student is humiliated. The CIA agent lurks inconsequentially and is all supercilious dullness. The Russian mumble about a mole. Everything is all unbearable studenty earnestness. Dominika has high-pressure attention on her. Men are increasingly boorish.

This is full of clunky dialogue with cardboard characters explaining stuff to each other. The CIA agent is onto Dominika. Sparrows are sneered at as sluts. The CIA burk tries to play Dominika. The plot which deals with another mole and a truck accident and suspicion  sees all go awry and Dominika is tortured within an inch of her life. Dominika’s mother is useless and her uncle wants some of his niece. This was fabulously nasty.

Best Lines:
“You can bet your ass they’re looking for him now.”

“Exposing themselves on the internet.”

“Love on command.”

“Drooling over strippers.”

“What kind of man would send his niece to State School 4?”

“Feel no longer alone.”

“If you cannot be of service to the state.”

“Forget the sentimental morality.”

“Someone like you does not end up here by choice.”

“Make yourself presentable.”

“Your body belongs to the state.”

“I was protecting my asset.”
“How’d that work out?”

“I can explain.”
“Sure you can.”

“You sent me to whore school.”

The Delta Force (1986)

Elektra (2005)
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