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Book Review: Lord Of Shadows

Lord Of Shadows The Dark Artifices Book Two by Cassandra Clare
I think Clare has ridden the horse to death and now she’s eating it. Stupid slut Emma lies and causes issues, the Seelies have developed a way to nullify Shadowhunter powers and Shadowhunters with a deeply rooted worldview plan to make the nepilim great again.

Surly lost Shadowhunter Kit is surly, thieving and wildly inappropriate. The POV character changes from page to page. Characters are unappealing idiots with stupid moral principles, every conversation is dangerous and potential implications loom unsubtly. There is a hostile environment, a propensity for violence, friction, dark absurd wannbe humour and if raising the dead is so wrong, how did Clary get away with resurrecting Jace?

This has a feckless disregard for sense and doesn’t even reach a baseline level of quality. One does not get emotionally attached to any of these tools. People are always doing dramatic walkoffs. Enough already!

Best Lines:
“He’s lucky to have their loyalty, Mark, since we don’t.”

“Lovable rogues didn’t get torn apart by demons the moment their elaborate protection spells fell apart.”

“The King is not loved. He find the results most unpleasant.”

“Be prepared for vengeance just as ancient. Just as primitive.”

“The punishment for raising the dead was death. If the shadow hunters didn’t catch you, other Downworlders would, and the way you died would not be pretty.”
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