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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey 0: Free Comic Book Day
A ghost dog runs around Christmas Town having no emotional resolution. I’ve no idea what this manga was about but it was less than edifying. It’s pretty joyless.

2000 AD Regened: Free Comic Book Day
Cadet Dreddd crowd manages a future football match. TPTB have made him younger and hipper. There is a robot referee, an atomic war mention and Cadet Dredd punches a dinosaur and shows he has the ability the abilities and resources to be a Judge. This was ferocious and hilarious.

Then came an tale of mutants and a bounty hunter, which was fun with moral manoeuvres. Then came an okay puzzle, which is a bit difficult to follow. Then there is minecraft spoof which is forgettable and then there is a tale of 2 alien delinquents. That had no alacrity but this was enjoyable. I really liked this.

Best Lines:

“Catch wagon.”

“Living slime encased in a cybernetic body.”

“Steal me for spare parts!”

“I’ve eaten sandwiches with more intelligence.”



“Joy sniffer.”

“Rabid geese...plague tears...mystery wind...tree of eyes...land of no gravity...volcano of blue vomit...skulls of despair...pyramid of worms...cube of knives...bullet rain...howling scarecrows...troglodyte clowns...invisible t-rex.”

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Avengers: Free Comic Book Day
Black Panther wanders around Asgard. Men thrust their crotches at readers. Asgard has been laid waste. Celestials cause bother. What are Celestials?!? Loki bothers people; he looks like combing his hair is a foreign concept. Loki has no moral development and isn’t afraid of being disliked. People speak in dramatic terminology of an insidious risk. Loki has challenging behaviours. One feels a lack of engagement with this.

One tires of Loki’s tantrums and tirades. He deserves to be treated with negativity and contempt because he is morally defective and morally repugnant and deliberately provocative. Then came a Captain America story, he’s not Hydra anymore. Hydra still lurks but a woman plans something. What is Thaddeus Ross up to? What is going on in the swamps? This was confusing but intriguing.

Best Lines:
“When your kingdom was still naught but a cave.”

“There were no Homo Sapiens one million years ago.”

“I fear what next will come from the sky.”

“Unknowable forces.”

“I wanted to nail it to the moon as a warning to the others,”

“Demon apes.”

Batman: White Knight 7
Batman plots, Jack’s medication doesn’t work anymore and neo Joker monologues and Jack’s lost it in this goodish issue. Is Harley plotting something? Batman harangues Jack Napier. Jason’s Todd’s fate is revealed. Jack Napier knows Batman’s true identity. Harvey is in the GTO with Jack Napier now? Batman speaks to Batgirl and Nightwing and there is a hug. Batman makes plots. There is a cliffhanger. All the social justice talk seems to have been dropped from this plot.

Best Lines:
“It’s gone too far.”

“I’m taking off the mask and telling Gotham the truth about Batman.”

“Gotham’s problems aren’t special.”

“But you broke the law to do it.”
“So did you.”

“The young woman with the red hair.”

“Not to mention a hundred workers coming and going without being seen.”

“After decades of cleaning up mayhem in Gotham --super-criminals tearing up city blocks, attacking our subways, battling in the sewers--not once did we ever find any of this.”
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