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Harper's Island Episode 9 Review


Shea whines some more, Shane's a jerk, Trish apologises to Henry and Abby learns that she may have a connection to Wakefield. The ads for this show promised action, chaos and horror and instead we get endless scenes of morons in rooms talking to each other. This isn't Scream 4, it's Friends: The New Generation. This week the pack of idiots investigate secret tunnels and someone's found, two people die and something is revealed. This was not good.

Main Suspect: Henry, he's coming across as the real bad brother with his violence.

Best Lines:
"How many hours till sunrise?"
"Too many."

"It's not like I'm Rosemary's Baby."

"There's no version of this that ends well."

"You really think anyone's ever going to stay here again?"
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