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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrow’ 6x22 promo
Diaz whines as does Oliver about terrible people and moral harm.

‘Riverdale’ 2x21 promo
People scream, there is violence and a riot. This looks ugh.

Best Lines:
“You were in on this?”

“Out-number us one hundred to one.”

‘Counterpart’ promo

‘Counterpart’ promo

‘Counterpart’ promo

FIAT 500 Abarth ad
Ugly Charlie Sheen pimps a car. No.

‘Tabula Rasa’ promo
I would like to see more.

Peacock Fighting A Turkey Video

Gluten free southern fried mini chicken breast fillets - okay.

Recall Bronski Beat?

Who saw ‘The Brothers McMullen’ or ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ (1959)?

Don’t Look Now’ (1973) is rubbish. ‘Silkwood’ (1983) was murky.

What is watermelon salsa?

I hope to review ‘Red Sparrow’ and ‘Quantico’ season 3 at some point.

There will be a ‘Rambo 5’?

Who saw ‘A Bridge Too Far’?

I want a herb zipper.

I won’t read ‘School For Psychics’.

Recall ITV’s ‘Cluedo’ in 1991? Apparently David McCallum was in it.

There will be 2 ‘Shadowhunter’ sagas? ‘The Last Hours’ and ‘The Wicked Powers’?

‘Lord Of Shadows’ Quotes:
“They will have no mercy on you.”

“Something of a loner - for obvious reasons, it now appears.”

“Didn’t think that counted as social interaction.”

“Magic pencils.”

“Whose needs he was expected to cater to.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“Lawn tractor.”

“Settling their disputes.”

“Public protection.”

‘Reeling In The Years’ Quote:
“Reasoned analysis of the facts of the case.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Exoplanets around other stars.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Did little for its reputation.”

“Eruptive activity.”

“Campaign of lies.”

‘Cracked’ Quote:
“Hospitalizing a lawyer who opposed them in court by hiding a snake in his mailbox.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Admire the gracious lifestyle and smart friends of someone we don’t know all that well.”

“Brittle and underfed.”

“Particularly pleased with themselves.”

“Modish food.”

“Built on an intricate web of unspoken assumptions.”

“Receiving entity.”


“Declared the most dangerous man in America.”

“Long-running neighbourhood dispute.”

“Riven with dislikes and petty disagreements.”

“Regarded her as a nuisance.”

“Go to parties I wasn’t invited to and people would be bummed out I was there.”

“Enhance war fighter performance.”

“Come to notice.”

“Leave and disown your past?”

“Feel like an abandoned trash barge.”

“Feel like one of those women in a Lifetime movie where the Nanny kills the family.”

“Houses can be deadly places - especially for women.”

“The band’s peak era of featuring the Edge playing guitar while striding purposefully toward the horizon.”

“The charm of an unkempt busker.”

“Faux enthusiasm.”

“Cloying persona.”

“Prefer that he’d stand down wind from you.”

“A literary form that is practically defunct.”

“Something bad happened in a quiet corner of a vast, indifferent universe.”

“Bent the cosmos to the service of mankind.”

“Incapable of serious thought.”

“Feeling satisfied about your conduct.”

“Find a partner who loved her.”

“Moral invertebrates.”


“Steer the dialogue in directions you know will interest them.”

“Culturally ancient.”

“Nostalgic pastoral.”

“Youthful moral superiority.”

“Easily acquired difference.”

“Too agenda driven.”

“Try to become less unpopular.”

‘Invisible Killers’ Quotes:
“Samples of scabs.”

“The awfulness of smallpox.”

“Highest security lab.”

“The human race won, maybe.”


“Strategic national stockpile.”

“Disease threats.”


“Money and intent.”

“Medical countermeasures.”

“Looming shadow.”

‘Unmasking a Killer’ Quote:
“Low crawling.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Dramatic walk off.”


“Got problems with sentence structure.”

“I didn’t know police reports expired.”

“2 of my haters conspired against me.”

“Tell terrible lies about people.”

“Running a pill mill out of Florida.”

“Threw her into a door.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: where are Kim’s parents? Ryan is still in the opening credits! There is no imaginative vitality or buoyant wit. Harry lies. James shows up. Harry has low cunning. Kim’s terrifying ordeal has affected her. Her infected wound leaves her with just a bandage. This is not pared down, lucid or propulsive. Ryan’s dead. There is a camping site and loch near Chester? Ste is told by Harry about murdering Ryan. Knowing Ste, he’ll be turned on.

Best Lines:
“What have I done?”
“What does it matter?”
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