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Witchblade Review Part 1

A show based on the comic book series. The Witchblade is a talisman that has
been passed down from woman to woman over the centuries. It gives the wearer
supernatural powers and Sara Pezzini (Yancy Butler) an NY cop becomes the
latest wearer.

Sara has a bad week as her best friend and her partner are killed, she
gets an idiot new partner named Jake, finds out she was adopted and becomes
the new owner of the Witchblade. This gets the attention of oily rich guy
Kenneth Irons and his minion Ian Nottingham. Sarah fights her best friend's
killer, her dead partner Danny returns as a ghost and flashbacks reveal the
Witchblade was worn by Joan of Arc who looks just like Sara. Good.


Iron's genetically enhanced soldiers rebel and try to kill him, it is up to
Sara to save the day. Irons is trying really hard to be LaCroix from
'Forever Knight'. This was uh. Stuff to look for: a hubcap flying off Jake's
car as he does a handbrake turn, the mid air motorbike gunfight, Irons and
the 'baddie' spouting fortune cookie quotes at each other and Iron's chess


Best Line: "If she ever realises her true nature, god help us all."

Sara and Jake investigate the death of a young model who has been turned
into an obviously plastic skeleton and cross paths with Dominique Boucher.
Dominique and Irons were an item back in the day and he let her wear the
Witchblade but it rejected her so now she wants it back and attacks Sara
with a big metal snake to get it. Sara sees a photo of a woman from the
40's named Elizabeth Bronte who looks just like her. Yancy Butler does look
good in the vintage costumes. This ep was ok but does this show ever rise
above being all glossy while people talk portentously at each other? There
is a major snafu early on as Sara arrives at work in good weather and one
scene later, there is a full scale blizzard. 
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