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5 Comics Reviewed

Bongo Comics Free-For-All! Free Comic Book Day
This is ‘The Simpsons’ in comic book form. Lisa annoys, Bart is a brat, Milhouse bores and Cletus is abducted. This does not fulfil its obligation to entertain.

Best Lines:
“Some scoffed at me for majoring in English Lit, but look at me now! Gainfully employed!”

“Grab a critter outta the road kill pile and hold ‘em over this here cookin’ fire. Tonight, we eats like the middle class!”

DC SuperHero Girls: Free Comic Book Day
Since when are Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy heroes? Who is Cheshire? Who is Bumblebee? Batgirl wears a non-existent mask and a useless hood. Catwoman lurks. This was annoying and twee and nobody has a problem with underage girls fighting crime. Lois Lane annoys and how can Wonder Woman fly?

Bob’s Burgers: Free Comic Book Day
There is no logical storyline progression in this risible mass of trash imagery.

Best Lines:
“A symbol for hubris and overconfidence.”

“Tell the band to stop playing all that sad stuff they were playing earlier.”

“One time I convinced him mom wanted a broom for her birthday.”

Barriers: Free Comic Book Day
This had dead animals, pages in Spanish, cocaine, porn and then aliens show up. This was trite, shallow and brattish. It was plain terrible and full of a hostile atmosphere, moral outrage and adversity. This is not a stark insight into morally compromised modern day America facing fearsome threats.

Best Lines:
“Scary blimps.”

“A bunch of paranoid lunatics.”

Shadowman: Free Comic Book Day
There is voodoo in the swamp, meanwhile in another storyline with ugly art a guy flies around in outer space being boring. Then is yet another storyline psiots are bothered. Only the 1st story is good and has noble ambition.
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