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Spooks Code 9 (2008) Review, Part 2

Episode 5

Charlie has to sneak into Windsmere Prison to interview Malik, a man imprisoned for his part in the blast. Rob is still being bothered by the cop but that pales into insignificance when he’s caught up in an incident at a bank.

As Rob deals with a situation that ties into contamination clean up squads and the rebuilding programme, Charlie manages to talk to Malik and learns something extremely worrying. Somehow the Windsmere guards don’t find the device Charlie stuck in Malik’s ear. Vik as ever does what he always does, which is nothing.

This was an okay episode, marred by some bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Pull a stunt like that again and I’ll break your windpipe.”

“You bred a monster. Think they’ll expel me from school?”

“He broke into the cabinet where we kept the retroviral vaccine and stole the last of the supplies. He must have been desperate I guess. The other patients that, they hunted him down and they beat him to death.”

Episode 6

This episode opens with a flashback to 2012, showing Malik’s perspective of the blast. It’s very effective. Anyway it’s Memorial Day and the team are worried. Malik was a dupe and for complicated reasons the team need to break him out of prison. But first they need to plant one of their own into the jail as a prisoner. For them Vik is the obvious choice. Throughout this show’s run, neither Charlie nor Vik have got any back story and they don’t get any here.

Vik ends up in Windsmere where he’s hosed down with a large fire hose and put in shackles that allow him a great deal of movement. The team get a new gadget in the form of tracking liquid. Rachel orders the cop to stop investigating Rob for murder and he does. Rachel makes it clear she thinks Rob did do it. Rob is upset. Kylie works on a honey trap for the Windsmere prison doctor which doesn’t go quite according to plan.

Rob and Charlie have to make a visit to the abandoned London wasteland. This is a very effective sequence with a neat touch of graffiti reading ‘closed’ on the road sign to London. Anyway the prison break is only the start as someone’s killed, someone gives a movie villain speech, someone’s shot and someone else shoots themselves. It all ends on a cliffhanger that may never be resolved.

This was okay, just somewhat unsatisfying. The bleakness of 2013 was well done with so many possible storylines that we may never see. But many things remained unanswered. There was a major slip up in this ep: news footage shows Memorial Day events, one of which is clearly stock footage of Trafalgar Square, you think someone would have noticed that. This was a good show, not as bad as its reputation makes out.

Best Lines:
Do you think it’s possible to meet somewhere that’s not so bloody creepy?”

“The man’s the definition of small time.”

“Now I feel stupid and slutty.”

“Everything that’s happened, everything that’s going to happen, they’ve been planning it for a long time.”

“The tragedy, the loss of life, the loss of a city.”
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