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The Handmaid’s Tale 2x03 + 12 Monkeys 3x07-3x10 Reviewed

This has been renewed. How? This was dull. Nobody noticed June turned the lights on in the abandoned newspaper office in the 2 months she’s been there. Moira is brooding in Canada and the Canadian military and the British military are doing exercises along the border. Luke is self-satisfied and lacks emotional distress. Luke mumbles about a possible invasion.

The Sons Of Jacob were discussed before the takeover. The book said they were top secret and not public knowledge. June builds a wall of crazy. June recalls her mother. Rita is mentioned. June is belligerent. The US Army was turned into the Guardians. June greets everything Nick says with derision and she has unrealistic expectations. Moira hears damming testimony of the socially unjust Gilead. How did the psychopathic fringe take over the country?

Flashbacks show how June was embarrassed by her mother and her social behaviour. She was unwittingly cruel to her. Now June screeches and can’t de-emotionalise. Men with guns are everywhere. The econopeople are shown. June goes through people’s stuff and steals their stuff. Econopeople have no sympathy for Handmaids and have to do public professions of faith.

There are church bells. Who is June’s father? Where is he? How did June have clothes that fit after 2 months in the newspaper? June stands at a window when told to be discreet. Who makes all the clothes for the econopeople? Why is June clomping around and making noise when she is supposed to be hiding?

During her Handmaid training, June learned her mother ended in the colonies. In the book Canada deported refugees back to Gilead, they didn’t let them form a Little America. What happened to the family who took June in? Why do econowives have to wear uggs and knitted hats? June gets the train. With what money? She doesn’t even try to not look like a fugitive. Where were all the econowives going on the train?

Moira does bathroom hookups and lies. Where is Nick? Another chauffeur shows up. June nearly gets away but after yet another portentous voiceover, she’s caught. The crying chauffeur is dragged off and the pilot is shot in the head. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“You were there all the time but no one noticed you.”

“Waiting to be rescued by men.”

“Blessed be the fruit loops.”

“Who feeds ducks at night?”

“All glory to god.”

“Where I’d live if I wasn’t an adulteress, if I’d gone to the right kind of church, if I’d played my cards right, if I’d known I was supposed to be playing cards.”

“Everyone here listens to everything.”

“Not your justification for existence.”

“Blessed day.”

“Work of the penitent.”

“The clinics destroyed all the abortion records.”

How did they build the splinter vests in the ruined future? Season 3 has not been cohesive and engaging. We get the shattered illusion of choice and Jones monologing bitterly and mournfully. Hannah does nothing and where does she get her eyeshadow in the future? Cole has made irreparable mistakes. The plague ruined world is not an ominous backdrop.

Selfish contentious Cassie is reprensible. Cole is morally fraught. They feel no moral requirement to save 7 billion lives. Deacon is suspicious. Where is Jones’ dog? Jones has dark optimism. Deacon sees possible indicators of guilt. The side effects of time travel seem forgotten. Who styled Jennifer’s hair in 1953? There is dissension in the Army of the 12 Monkeys. In 1990, Cassie chats to her mother. Everyone is a time traveller. Jones gets ANGRY. Jennifer is an idiot. Where did Hannah get her fancy fighting knives in the ruined future?

Cassie shoots Deacon to save her brat. He somehow walks it off. Cole and Cassie are selfish murderers. Kill them already! Where do they get alcohol in the ruined future?

Best Lines:
Vessel which made him.”

“Wrong for the sake of right.”

“Do not come after us.”

“Manifesto of a lunatic.”

“The vessel of time.”

“Filled with contempt.”

“Forever is composed entirely of nows.”

“No god shall forgive us this sin.”

“Why would Mr Cole kill his brother but for you?”

“They were good.”
“I’m not.”

Sebastian in 3x07 was played by the cute Dylan Colton and now he’s played by Rupert Graves. The brat is growing up and draws his mad map. How did Hannah make such a quick recovery after being stabbed in 3x07? Deacon and Hannah chase Cassie and Cole, who smirk smugly. James Callis shows up as their grown brat son. Olivia’s let out of her cell. Jennifer causes the death of her tortoise(s). Bitch. Why is she supporting Cole and Cassie?

Cole and Cassie wander around 1899. Where did they get their clothes and how did Cassie style her hair? How do they have 1899 money and a place to stay? Cole steals. The deaths of 7 billion people and Ramse don’t matter to Cole and Cassie who yuk it up in 1899. Cassie wears a dress that makes her look like a saloon girl in 1899. Where did they get the horse and carriage? They babble on about the son they don’t know and didn’t raise.

Cole and Cassie harass Sebastian. Deacon and Hannah show up as does Jones with big hair. Cole and Cassie do more inciting with their selfishness. Jones and co have justifiable rage. Jennifer gets the slap she deserves. The brat turned on Sebastian. As for Sebastian, he dies. Jennifer ends up in Olivia’s cell. Do Cole and Cassie care? No. Who took out Olivia’s stuff? This was tiresome.

Best Lines:
“Anywhen but here.”

“I grew up in the apocalypse.”

“Stop following us!”

“What happened to you?”

“Their mad son’s Red Forest.”

“Oh no, I fear for my life.”

“One murderous child.”

“Shot his own brother in the back.”

The brat left an ipad in 1899. The brat is now a long haired greasy twit with a splinter vest. He breaks it and is stuck in 1891 where he falls in love with a doctor (Claire Cooper aka Jacqui from ‘Hollyoaks‘!). Who built Titan? A moppet coughs. Did Victorian ladies eat out in restaurants? There is still not starling clarity as to the point of season 3. The brat’s annoying and patronising like his parents.

The brat has no sincerity of intent. This was not lively or relevant or consistently witty. Cole and Cassie feel no wider responsibilities. The brat visits Cole in the past; oddly Ramse is nowhere to be seen. The brat’s as vacuous and self-absorbed as his parents. This ep is not commendable. There is righteous anger and snarling exchanges. The brat also visited his useless mother and her negativity. There are no manifest feelings.

The brat’s sole and small ambition was to save his woman who died of DVT despite his attempts to save her. Mmmm. His woman’s stealing to fund her medical clinic never made any real sense.

Best Lines:
“Time itself can be broken.”

“I find you far more interesting conscious.”

“I didn’t have a before.”

“It is ungodly.”

“Become the demon I have always feared.”

“Keep me suitably useless.”

Bad child actors put on bad English accents. Cassie and Cole face their vile awful son. Cassie loses her splinter vest. So how can she still time travel? Cole and Cassie reminisce about their house of cedar and pine. Cole still has no sadness for killing Ramse. Cole is arrogant and selfish to an unbelievable level. Titan shows up.

Where did Project Splinter get all their guns and ammo? Will Jones just shoot them?!? Why do people just keep having stand offs? Cassie is selfish. Olivia kills Daughters and flashbacks reveal how the Witness came to be. The identity of the Witness is made clear. It makes no sense. What became of Deacon? Cole realises that Sam and Ramse died for nothing. Are you proud of yourself Cole? Is Jones dead?

Where did everyone get the guns? How is the brat son suddenly a good guy? The Army of the 12 Monkeys seems to have been wiped out. Olivia kills the brat and in 2018, the plague breaks out and Jennifer is there. The Army of the 12 Monkeys are somehow back and Titan plans to destroy Project Splinter. A scene set in 2015 drops a major hint that Cole’s mother is important. Mmmm.

Best Lines:
“Off to Hogwarts with ya!”

“Sad lonely demon at the end of time.”

“I’m not here to hurt you.”
“This time.”
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