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DC Nation 0 + The Amazing Spiderman Reviewed

DC Nation 0 (Free Comic Book Day)
In this collection of 3 stories; Joker is crazy. Lois Lane has quit reporting and a new reporter has secrets. Finally the Justice League have issues and fight a lot. Why are aliens always humanoid? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Twelfth-level intellect.”

“I’m about to throw a despotic starfish at a giant floating brain...”

“He’s not Batman. Superman has done nothing to arouse any suspicion.”

“Lois Lane’s fancy corner office.”

“I’ve kept her out of political prisons around the world!”

The Amazing Spiderman (Free Comic Book Day)
Spider-Man and his friend end up roommates with Captain Boomerang. He’s finally moved out of Aunt May’s but doesn’t seem to be dating MJ. Also the Guardians of the Galaxy do stuff. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Leave a planet in shame, never to return.”
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