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Book Reviews: Breach Of Containment + The Second Summoning

Breach Of Containment by Elizabeth Bonesteel
The third ‘Central Corps’ novel is an unmitigated disaster after the good ‘The Cold Between’ and ‘Remnants Of Trust’. This has emotional malaise, deep melancholy, tenacity, stoicism and determination, machinations, perseverance and venomous anger. It is a shame that this tale of a decaying moral culture is a perfectly ghastly morass of studied smarminess.

Best Lines:
“Slow people irritate you.”

“But he did not deserve this.”
“Actually he may have.”

The Second Summoning: The Keeper’s Chronicles 2 by Tanya Huff
This 2001 comedic fantasy sequel is boring and tiresome as an angel and a demon run around. There are dated references to someone carrying a desktop computer in their backpack along with a printer and 2 boxes of disks. A VCR is used. A webcam is mentioned as is David Duchovny, the WB, a CD player and an instant camera.

There are dated pop culture references, sibling rivalry, cats, caustic wit and a rubbish plot. The scene where a father shrugs off a strange naked man being found in his daughter’s bedroom is a jaw dropper. This isn't funny, it is annoying.

Best Lines:
“Some of whom hadn’t been particularly attentive to personal hygiene.”

“The scene should have played out as sad and tragically inevitable.”
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