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Arrow 6x18 + The Handmaid’s Tale 2x01&2x02 Reviewed

Oliver beats up people and grunts. Felicity bigs up Oliver, who thinks he can stop Diaz all by himself. Felicity babytalks at Diggle. Oliver won’t listen to anyone and takes vicious delight in being an ass. Oliver is smug about his impeachment as is Quentin. Diaz is dismissed by people as a low rent ex-con. Oliver’s self-inflicted pressure is a joke.

Oliver’s moral posturing can’t hide the fact he’s not morally unblemished. Oliver’s acts are unjustified and unjustifiable. Quentin might as well be Oliver’s boot boy, his personality and balls are gone. The dire situation is Oliver’s fault. There is no consistent air of dread. Oliver is not emotionally vulnerable. Felicity and William get yelled at by Oliver who smashes William’s science fair project. Who cares about Oliver’s existential conflict?

Oliver isn’t even delightfully pathetic. TPTV act like Felicity is Oliver’s only significant relationship. TPTB overlook how Oliver got Tommy killed. Why is it morally acceptable for Oliver to be an enraging ass who holds particular scorn for everyone? Where are Slade and his sons?

Oliver is a very negative person. I’m sure a cataclysm and a catastrophic defeat are coming for Oliver. His often disrespectful behaviour needs to have consequences. Olive’s guiding principle is to be an unamused jackass with one facial expression. Quentin badmouths Diggle. Oliver still won’t apologise. Felicity babbles, shut up bitch. Oliver is dark and moody. Where is Watson? Oliver gets a gun and hallucinates Prometheus.

Oliver is socially troubled and harbours resentments towards all his friends. Prometheus has a new haircut and he’s growling cue an imaginary fight and dramatic music. Prometheus gurgles and mumbles. Oliver doesn’t care about his son. TPTB have cast Latino villains for seasons 6 and 5, I’m just pointing that out.

Oliver is tripping balls on Vertigo. Oh who cares? Oliver wails about failing as a father, a mayor and as a hero. Where is Susan? Oliver is ethically and morally obligated to be awful. Why is Quentin bootlicking Oliver? Why is Oliver conversing with Prometheus? Diaz’s malign hand is felt. Who is Kullens? Oliver hallucinates dead Laurel. Oliver destroyed Laurel and thinks her being a vigilante was a mistake. He hasn’t apologised for cheating on her. Oliver is berated by an imaginary Renee who he didn’t bother to visit in hospital. He still won’t apologise.

Diaz is the man with the dragon tattoos or something and he’s angry or something. Oliver wails about the mission. Diaz is not a known threat apparently. Oliver denies being the Green Arrow in smug unconvincing fashion. Oliver is impeached. Quentin is mayor now. Oliver fails in dramatic fashion. This was good. Oliver punches Quentin out and gets away with it. Felicity runs. I loathe Oliver. Felicity coos over her violent, drug addled, jerk ass, murderer of a husband. Oliver wants to be alone and fires Felicity. Oliver thinks he’s a lot more impressive than he is.

Best Lines:
“All of our help quit.”

“Cloned a cabbage.”

“This is who he is Felicity.”

“A second rate drug dealer.”

“What’s Napster?”

“There’s no team.”

“Dad is on drugs.”

“A bunch of angry cops.”

“More escaping.”

“Drugs are bad!”

“Why does everyone keep leaving me?”

“I’m just not killable.”

“Just get them all to abandon you.”

“Kill you straight.”

“Mull faster.”

“Why did you let her become the Black Canary in the first place?”

“Gave you an out.”

“Back to basics.”

“Go back to your secret lair.”

“Bad beat.”

“Not a great tack record when it comes to hiring DAs, though”

“Solar hot dog cooker.”

“Go play video games.”

There is violence against woman in Gilead as Offred and her fellow handmaids pay for their defiance. June continues to be defiant and unlikebale. She is not helping herself. Offred stares and makes things worse for herself. She has a serious experience and TPTB show every vicious detail as the handmaids are punished for stepping outside of their prescribed behaviour. Why is Aunt Lydia always there? Flashbacks show June’s husband had to sign a form for her to get contraception. If there was widespread infertility, than why was there contraception?

Aunt Lydia seems locked in long term regret. Janine is off to the Colonies. Offred sees what is being done to the handmaid Ofwyatt who did not practice self care and who drank drain cleaner whilst pregnant. The handmaids are punished some more for their rebellion. Flashbacks show June berated for ignoring her sick child.

The Commander and Serena Joy are blindingly avaricious over the unborn child of their handmaid and the chauffeur. Offred mouths off. Then she escapes. Flashbacks show the Eye existed pre-Gilead. Nick shows up. Offred bleeds and breeds. Is Nick still in the Waterford’s house? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“There is freedom to and freedom from.”

“God has created a new soul.”

“Now you are being given freedom from.”

“If you choose to be difficult. I will be forced to make arrangements.”

Offred is ‘free‘. The Colonies are horrible and guards ride horses around. I assume the poor horses will also get sick and die by being exposed to the toxins and radiation. The workers in the Colonies all seem to be women. They clear radioactive topsoil. What caused the radiation? Emily is there and flashbacks show she used to be a college lecturer. She faced worrisome pressure when Gilead rose.
Meanwhile Offred is in an abandoned newspaper where something bad happened. What about the Waterford’s Martha? Is she still around? Offred is screaming and ungrateful. She has sex with Nick. This show is so underlit; you can’t see what is going on.

A Commander’s wife (Marisa Tomei) ends up in the Colonies for a sin of the flesh. The water is full of ecoli and everyone is sick. Flashbacks show death and Emily and her wife (Clea Duvall) going to a packed airport which was full of ICE and ACLU officials. Emily’s Canadian wife can travel as can her son (who Emily gave birth to) as they have Canadian passports but Emily is trapped. Janine arrives in the Colonies. Offred watches ‘Friends’. Emily is embittered and poisons the wife and strings her body up. This was okay. Did you know Elisabeth Moss was in ‘Suburban Commando’? Well now you do.

Best Lines:
“The sinners and the whores are blessed with his grace.”

“You’re not a Martha making a run for the border, you’re a pregnant handmaid.”

“There’s nowhere for you to go.”

“Not in favour of the university purges.”

“A mistress was kind to me. Once.”

“The document is no longer recognised.”

“What law?”
“The law.”

“Some things can’t be forgiven.”

“You should die alone.”

“There will be consequences.”
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