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Trailers, Quotes and tape tales of 2004 and 1999

‘Arrow’ 6x21 promo
Oliver is on trial and TOMMY MERLYN crashes the trial. How is that possible?

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ TV spot

‘Rampage’ TV spot
Of course the wolf flies.”

‘I Feel Pretty’ TV spot
“How’s your vagina?”

The Rundown’ TV spot

‘Solo’ trailer

Ginger & lemon tea - strong.

There will be ‘A Quiet Place’ sequel?

Who saw ‘Perrier’s Bounty’ or ‘Until The End Of The World’?

2 more ‘Star Trek’ movies? We’ll see.

I won’t review ‘SEAL Team’ 1x06 ‘Spinning Wheel’.

A film of ‘The Long Walk’?!? Yay!

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The capacity to define his entire political career.”

“Present and future populations.”

“Thrive away from their own families.”

“Routinely kicks people into unconsciousness for a living.”

“Shouty radio.”

“My nice handsome husband who had to deal with me.”

“Have cool names with random nouns and adjectives in them.”

“Suspect in their composition.”

“Societal title.”

Imposed regime.”

“Becomes angry when he says certain things.”

“Picked up a rolled-up bit of carpet and threw it at him.”

“Ran at me.”

“Chased her son out of the house at night with a coat-hanger.”

“Would not be tolerated again.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
Evil psycho hoarding bitch.”

“Insignificant other.”

“Out for good.”

“Your dad works and he lives in the garage and it’s his house?”

“Stop being lazy.”

“Personal conduct order.”

“Pushed me out of the house.”

“Commandeer the space.”

“I want my house back.”

“You live on this couch in the garage.”

“Drug people.”

“Keep my friends out.”

“Manipulative little liar, just like her mother.”

“No one ever listens to her.”

“Owed to her.”

“Weirded out by my dad.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Received masculine history.”

“Committed fraud, faked his own death, fled to Australia with his mistress and was later revealed as a Czech spy.”

“State-sanctioned climate of hostility.”

“Revulsion, mockery or pity were the only acceptable responses.”

“Old men yelling at me on Twitter.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Cultural question.”

“Morality-free zone.”

“You are the problem.”

“Denying them the sex that is rightfully theirs.”

“Cannot meet the standard of machismo.”

“I don’t write novels.”

“You might spend your entire life as a recluse, but after you die the woman who buys your old house will put your toilet on eBay for a million bucks,”

“A pathetic man forced to live with his mistakes,”

‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Beacon of hope for our bees.”

“Mothers when they’re pregnant.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“My first love: not teaching music.”

“That’ll traumatise him good.”

“Maybe we’ll have one of those passenger riots that seem to occur every other day on US airlines.”

‘The Flash’ Quote:
“Flip phones are old. This site is from the age of dial up.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Disputed death.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Esther’s ANGRY. Ruby shows up. Esther has seemingly forgiven Ruby for the bullying that drove her to a suicide attempt. Darren and Nancy have no empathy for Esther. A-dumb and his dad do a robbery while wearing stupid rubber masks. Did Ruby know Grace? A-dumb gets violent and likes it. Esther plans to move to Spain with Ruby to help run a bar. The word Brexit is never uttered.

Aspirant bar owner Esther leaves after Grace gives her a wad of cash and blows a kiss. Esther does not say bye to Curtis the child she carried as a surrogate. Jack and Nancy hurl abuse at Esther before she leaves. Charming people. Jack recovers his emotional effect. A-dumb cheats on Maxine AGAIN. Esther shrugs off the café she owns. Alfie rants about an ELE as he suffers obvious mental illness. A-dumb makes a sex tape of his cheating.

Best Lines:
“I’m sorry.”
“For which bit?”

“We go hard.”

“He gets brave.”

“You chose her over me.”

“No point in me existing.”

“You are really loved.”
“By who?”

“I can stay.”
“Don’t you dare.”

Cleared out 2 tapes. The first was from 2004 and began with a ‘Jake 2.0’ ep ‘Arms And The Girl’ which was a cheap dated looking boring show in which there were old phones and yelling. The innocent wasn’t so innocent.

Best Line:
“Dear old dead fake dad.”

Then came another cheap looking dated looking ‘Jake 2.0’ ep ‘The Good, The Bad and the Geeky’ in which Carly Pope guest starred. This was boring and some boring hacker is introduced as the big bad and Jake’s arch nemesis. Old phones are used.

Best Lines:
“James Bond, Napoleon Solo, Steve Austin. You never saw any of those guys count pennies for a tow.”

“Ride sharing. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

“Thrift store clothes wearing, 6 dollar haircut loser.”

Then came a ‘Smallville’ ep ‘Delete’ in which 2 future sex cult members star. I could care less. Finally there was yet another ‘Jake 2.0’ ep 'Last Man Standing' in which Martin Cummins guest stars. People talk a lot. Jake trips balls and Marina Black’s character is so vapid, one is not surprised she just vanished from the show for no reason.

The second tape I cleared was from 1999. It began with a ‘Xena Warrior Princess’ ep ‘Gabrielle’s Hope’ in which the sidekick gives birth to her demon baby. This was not done with tremendous, gusto, theatrical dash or raw authenticity. It was mediocre.

Then came a ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘The Pact’ in which Xander is possessed by a hyena and turns into an arrogant bully lacking in decency and kindness. There is quiet acceptance of the principle being eaten. This is emotive nonsense that does not leave you viscerally engaged. As Xander spews vituperation and bile, one recalls what a malign force the actor turned out to be in reality. This leaves you choked with the mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Lounging about with imbeciles.”

“I hit him.”
“With what?”
“A desk.”

“They ate Principle Flutie?”

Then came an ‘X Files’ ep ‘Millennium’ which was a wrap up to the ‘Millennium’ TV show. Frank Black does lengthy brooding. There are zombies and salt and melancholy is magnified. This was not impassioned. There is ghastly behaviour and communal complicity. This was not profoundly affecting.

Best Line:
“Naysay me.”

Then came an ‘Earth Final Conflict’ ep ‘Horizon Zero’ which had the original fantastic opening credits. The alien Taleons kill the space programme. No, Obama would do that. Lili’s shuttle is stolen. The Taelons alleged benevolence is bitterly contested by astronauts with grievances. This looks low budget and full of smell the fart acting. How does Boone fit his shirt over his skrill? There is hideous interior design and real bad VFX. There is something mysterious on the moon.
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