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Book Review: Zero Day

Zero Day by Ezekiel Boone
The spider trilogy that started so wonderfully with ‘The Hatching’ and then got shaky with ‘Skitter’, falls apart completely in this mop up. Characters with stupid names and identical personalities fail to have a dramatic confrontation with killer spiders. The author’s weird attitude to women becomes ever more apparent with the handling of the female POTUS.

Set post Trump (though the author won’t use his name), this is ploddingly contrived dross. This is not a deep and convincing evocation of a near apocalypse - it’s full of quips, idiots and over the top theatrics. This is not done with total conviction and has no redeemable qualities or constant level of tension. The disturbing nature of what is happening doesn’t seem to register on anyone nor does the impending doom or catastrophic consequences caused by the POTUS’ decisions.

The characters are gutter punks, who are insufferably smug with arbitrary malevolence and no ethical positions.

Best Lines:
“Spectacularly uncivil.”

“You know we can’t walk back from it.”

“There’s no take-backs on this.”

“Designed to create perceived value.”

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