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Book Review: The Templars

The Templars: The Rise And Fall Of God’s Holy Warriors by Dan Jones
They were created to fight sanctified war and interacted with Richard The Lionheart and St Francis, guarded kings, invented banking and defended pilgrims but in the end were destroyed by a greedy King and the Pope he controlled. Their persecution to obliteration has made them legends. This is an okay if not great tale of religious war, dark times, heroic defiance, malicious intent and death. Their story is epic and yet this book is oddly superficial.

Best Lines:
“Selling off his rightful wife for a pot of gold.”

“Finally agreed to release his key, which he personally threw into the courtyard.”

“It had to be defended at any cost.”

“Its way of life honourable.”

“Richard’s unlucky and generally despised brother and successor King John. The Templars were one of the few powerful groups in England whom John did not offend or alienate.”

“Spiritual prestige.”

“Homicidal knights.”

“Ending a bracingly aggressive papacy in which he preached three crusades, excommunicated several princes and reasserted the might of Rome.”

“Fancied himself, not entirely accurately, to be a military tactician.”

“Search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave.”

“Completely rejected personal property and merriment.”

“A borderless self-sustaining paramilitary group funded by large-scale estate management.”

“Often the end fails to equal the beginning.”

“A papal corpse had been tried at least once before.”

“In short they would only be taken in if they wanted to.”

“Offended the church so consistently that he had been excommunicated four times.”
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