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Movie Reviews: Grave Misconduct + Dirty Grandpa + 127 Hours

Grave Misconduct (2008)
A mulleted wannabe writer is belittled by her writing group. After her friend’s death, she hands in her friend's manuscript as her own and boom, she‘s on a dark path. It’s a massive success and people want a sequel. People have dumb names, big hair and the plot is idiotic. People joke about a crazy guy stalking the author. There is no solid reasoning. A character is a rip off of real life story of Anne Perry. Murders inspired by the stolen novel take place. This comes across like something from the 80s. A cop goes on about secrets and lies. Nothing in this could conceivably exist in the real world. This was terrible.

Best Lines:

“They don’t have friends.”

“She died mysteriously. How curious.”

Dirty Grandpa (2016)
Sexist crap.

127 Hours (2011)
James Franco is trapped under a rock. No.
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