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Ordeal By Innocence 1x03+Lifeline (2016-2017) 1x01+Shadowhunters 2x05&2x06+Supergirl 3x13 Reviewed

Ordeal By Innocence 1x03
In this very good finale, events come to a shattering conclusion that differs wildly from the book. The family have feigned good manners; there is smoking, polite society politeness and sexual interaction. There are a lot of flashbacks in this episode, that reveal what happened the night Rachel was murdered and what happened after. Jack’s face after his death was not pleasant.

The maid lurks in disillusioned fashion. Flashbacks show that when Mickey came back from the Korean War, his siblings parked their car on the train station platform to greet him. This whole 3-parter seems engineered to provoke debate. Rachel wilfully destroyed her family with her aggressive activity and sheer anger and toxic presence. Her interaction with her children was all icy rage and always inherently fraught. Her awfulness accrues in horror. Why was she always popping pills?

The family are all dishonourable people who had total acquiescence to her simmering anger. A flashback shows Hester playing the piano with a book balanced on her head. After even more verbal abuse from her mother, she ran away. Rachel’s off-putting manner never ended. There is deviousness and menacing passivity in the present day. Gwenda and her smirky charm is not in this ep much. Leo is all male anxiety. Rachel was unchallenged and now she is not missed. Nobody misses Philip either or cares he is dead. There is a flashback to Philip being brought home in particularly bitter fashion. Rachel was always grimacing in her cultic home.

Rachel had such an aggressive stance that her under-confident children always generated an extreme reaction in her. Their unfulfilled ambitions are down her brutal withholding of affection. Flashbacks show how Jack saw Christina (or however it is spelled) and Mickey together and informed on them to stir the pot. Rachel was a bitter vindictive woman. Everyone always appeased her. Rachel tracked down the runaway Hester and gave her boyfriend or husband £500 to go away and he did.

There is no exploitative nostalgia here. Flashbacks show how Rachel crushed her pills and put them in Hester’s sugar milk and then had her medically violated and her unborn child aborted. Rachel always played at being formidably poised. She had Hester’s mod clothes burned and brought her home to be emotionally crushed some more and all this happened on Christmas Eve.

There are reveals and the maid spends her days decorating a naff looking Christmas cake and I’m sure she put together the ghastly looking tree and she no doubt had to make Gwenda and Leo‘s wedding cake too. There was no class in their house. Mary was ignored and Rachel was a hope-shattering hag. Jack took wild joy in being the bad seed. There are more reveals.

There was ominous fog in one flashback and Mickey yelled. People were righteously angry and Christina got slut shamed by her mother. Is Philip still dead on the floor? There are even more reveals. What was wrong with Rachel? Why did she take no responsibility for other people’s emotions? The killer is revealed. Flashbacks show the creepy copper being told to frame and kill Jack. So much for the ineradicable attachment of family.

There are even more reveals about dark family secrets and hidden motives and a gentile façade hiding darkness. The killer was a death-bringing curse on the clan. New context is added to flashbacks with the reveal. No wonder a character who should have been a consoler wasn’t. The maid is full of rage and pain. Arthur is thick and is dragged off by the men in white coats in a straightjacket. Does anyone ever get him out?

There isn’t much Gwenda in this ep. There is genuine unease, blame and bitterness. The killer had no moral leadership and no deconfliction, just bad faith and disingenuousness. People pose prettily in their wedding outfits and there is a cover up. Gwenda is seen in her wedding dress and veil. She is comforted. The maid smiles as yellow roses are put out. Mickey and Christina reunite. And the killer is locked up in Rachel’s bomb shelter and do the family ever plan to let the killer out? Rachel’s money must be enough to pay the post World War II taxes, maintain the house, keep up the one servant and all of the non working hangers on. The ending is so bleak and memorable.

Best Lines:
“More of that silliness.”

“If you’re going to be mediocre Hester, at least look pretty.”

“I seem to have set something off.”

“No one wants or cares about!”

“Put your cheap knickers on and get out of my house!”

“I want her examined.”

“Sometimes he cries.”

“Naughty daddy.”

“Oh Christ!”
“No Leo, just your wife.”

“Why did you get me if you weren’t going to love me?”

“Of course it’s Jack.”

“Mad bloody bunker!”

“She loves us really!”

“Say please for once in your life.”

“See the bastard boy go down.”

“I am your plague.”

“Your life in this house is over.”

Lifeline (2016-2017) 1x01
This Spanish drama sees a neurosurgeon, a nurse named Blanca and annoying reporters named Lara and Rodrigo run around and gurn. Institutional and cultural norms are violated. A naked guy is chased and killed. The opening credits are okay. People have unflattering conclusions about other people. A homeless guy saw the murder but people don’t listen. The neurosurgeon does drugs or something. The homeless man and his kitten live in the street and then aren’t there. This is okay if bizarre.

Best Line:
“Why don’t you quit investigative journalism and open a deli?”

Dust And Shadows
Alec’s sad and Simon makes everything all about him. There is no intellectual heft as Clary wants to revive her dead mother. Jace is still being pilloried and faces widespread opprobrium. Nobody is cultured, intelligent, articulate or educated. Simon craves attention. People mumble. Clary is stupid. Jace is treated scathingly. Nobody is morally sound. This ep was risible. Simon is a moron and Clary ends up in peril, again.

Best Lines:
“Nobody blames you.”
“They should.”

“Have you joined a cult again?”

Iron Sisters
The Clave goob makes Izzy a magical drug addict. The Iron Sisters show up. There is relationship management. Simon is a darkly toxic mass of macho satisfaction. This ep is all banalisation and has no careful logic. Luke’s AWOL. There is bad green screen. There is no unrelenting possibility. Clary faces righteous indignation. There are no perilous confrontations. Luke’s sister is an Iron Sister.

People have moral concerns about Jace. TPTB are being deliberately provocative by treating Simon with legitimacy. Jace is still called Jace Weyland. There are no bitter emotional battles. The Clave dick is not conflict avoidant just obstructive as he drives Jace out of his own home. Bane doesn’t treat Alec being revealed as a virgin with sweet graciousness. Izzy and Clary wear white dresses and get wet.
I feel waning regard for this show. Izzy learns she’s been had. Jace’s forcible isolation goes on. This is not an emotional journey, it is just annoying. Maya gets a flashback. I don’t care about Bane creeping over Alec. I’m so sick of the Clave a-hole. There is a moving painting and Luke’s sister stabs someone.

Best Lines:
“She’s not an angel in the shadow world.”

“Nobody got hurt.”

“What are Valentine’s little children up to?”

“Everyone else here is questioning my allegiance.”
“As they should.”

“Wielded by an angelic being.”

Both Sides Now
This ep was terrible. The DEO plan an apocalyptic response to the world killer Purity. Alex is off the moral scale. Why is Mon-El still around? Julia aka Purity is menaced. Where is James? Alex has furious wrath. Mon-El and his trailer trash despair plans to cheat on his wife.

Lena wears a fur collar. Winn shouts. Alex is in full on 1x01 snot mode. There is no civic betterment. There is no emotional gain. Mon-El imposes on the hospitality of others. There I no achievement here. Alex needs a good slap. Purity talks in a prominent and sensational way. Alex’s opinions and assertions annoy. I don’t care about the coming frenzy.

Mon-El and his bint wife have issues due to him being a cheater. Alex has a good cry. Nobody sees Sam fly away from an ice rink. There is no law or decency. Alex whines about Maggie. NOBODY CARES! The rough crowd of world killers assemble. Why do TPTB big up the barely tolerated Mon-El and are now obviously going to bust up his marriage so he can bang Kara? Is this some sort of bizarre in-joke about the Supergirl actress busting up her marriage to bang Mon-El’s actor? There is a fight. Mon El’s wife is lying. Lena is onto Sam aka Reign. This was DREADFUL.

Best Lines:
“Rip out your soft parts.”

“12th level intelligence.”

“Can I hold it?”

“Purity. Sister. We will find our third.”
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